Cold Toes?

Here's Something You Can Do!

Forwarded from the Fidonet Chronic Pain Echo
Originally by Dr. Gnu
Originally dated 12 Oct 1994


I may have a partial solution to your cold toes. We've been using this in our practice for some time for Raynaud's sufferers, and those with just plain cold feet. There really are no contraindications with the exception of menstruating women, who may find it increases flow....if so wait a day or so.

Sympathetic warming technique

After 30 - 45 days [there are some slow learners in the crowd...] it becomes a learned response and the feet/legs will get warm by themselves. Works best between September 1 - May 30 [cool temps] ... around here anyway.

Can use it for a quick warm up, once the body has learned to respond, just about any time.

Why Does It Work?

The area of the groin contains a sensor for differential blood temps in the femoral artery/vein. By warming this area, you 'fool' the body into believing that core temp has risen, and thus a flush to the extremities. If you do this at a regular time, it's interpreted as a circadian phenom, thus the learning. Of course, when the warm seasons come about and you stop for awhile, your body needs to be retrained.

Good Gnus From Dr. Gnu

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