Date: 04-01-95 11:09
From: Shiela Anderson
Subj: A Word of Caution

Two years ago I was having a lot of pain in my teeth. Went to the dentist complaining of three sites (all back molars - one on top and two on the bottom) He did two root canals on the two bottom molars. I was in so much pain that I was nearly incoherent. I just told him to to what he had to do to get rid of the pain. The pain didn't go away. In fact it got worse. He called my rhumatologist (I have fibromyalgia ) and THEY decided not to do any more work on my teeth.

A week later I was in the emergency room in so much pain I was pulling my hair out. I was sent to a neurologist and was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. He put me on 200 mg tegretol three times a day. I don't even remember the two weeks following. I was drunk for two weeks straight, but the pain did subside and I was satisfied with the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, even though he told me it could be a precurser to multiple sclerosis (Something else to worry about). I had thousands of dollars worth of tests done in order to rule out multiple sclerosis.

Two months later I fell down the stairs and ended up in bed flat on my back for a month because of the unsteadiness brought on with the tegretol. I continued to have my blood checked every couple of months to make sure the tegretol was not ruining my blood and I saw my blood counts decreasing little by little.

To make a long story short. After taking tegretol for almost a year. I had a relapse of pain in my face. I decided to go to a different dentist to have my teeth checked out. I HAD A HUGE ABSCESS. "Had to have been there for well over a year," the dentist said. AND YES--IT WAS the upper molar that the original dentist had ignored!

A third root canal was done. I went off the tegretol two months later and have been nearly pain free ever since. (Tooth pain that is.) In fact I must admit that my energy level is up and I am generally feeling much better these days. I have even returned to work on a part-time basis working two days out of the week.

My question: Is there any literature out there regarding SYSTEMIC problems caused by bacteria such as found in a dental abscess? Any stories or medical journals would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I am aware of (and don't know where to find documentation) is that years ago I remember reading about a woman in a mental institution that was cured when her wisdom teeth were removed.

Just want to reiterate a word of caution for all of you doctors out there. DON'T EXPLAIN AWAY NEW SYMPTOMS. People with CFIDS, FMS, MS, etc. can still have other things go wrong.

If you wish you can E-mail me privately or post here. Thanks for sharing any stories or documentation, or sources for retrieving documentation.

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