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In producing this document, the webmasters wish to provide you with some knowledge of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. We hope that you will enjoy the tour and have a greater appreciation of our area, its people, sites and of course, our masonic activities. Toowoomba is 150 kilometres or 90 minutes (by car) west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is our country's largest inland regional centre. Situated on the Great Dividing Range 750 metres above sea level, Toowoomba is known as Queensland's Garden City. It is home to over 98,000 people and serves more than 250,000 from the Darling Downs. The famous Carnival of Flowers takes place each September and visitors from around the world attend. Renowned for its famous restaurants, parks and gardens, tree lined streets, flowers and hospitality, Toowoomba is ideal for the overnight traveller or for the holiday maker who has weeks to enjoy the city and the Downs. Despite our drought, our gardens still look great thanks to the work by the City Council staff and the Carnival of Flowers was an outstanding success.

The Darling Downs is an extensive agricultural area with numerous country towns with fantastic attractions and activities including wildflowers, heritage areas, national parks, fishing, wine tasting and country hospitality. Warwick, Stanthorpe, Oakey, Dalby, Clifton and many other towns are but a short drive from Toowoomba. Education facilities are well featured, including the University of Southern Queensland situated within the City of Toowoomba. The TAFE College is also operational in the City and its training restaurant "Futures" is a wonderful venue for meals and functions. Just ask the local retired police.

All sports are catered for, including Cricket, Football, Bowls, Golf and Racing at the beautiful Clifford Park. It is the home of the famous Toowoomba Clydesdales, the winners of the Bundy Cup and feeder club to the Brisbane Broncos and we must not forget our local champion men and women who have made our Olympic squad and achieved greatness with the winning of medals in the various events. Congratulations to you all.

Would you like more information on Toowoomba? Please visit the City of Toowoomba web-site.


Toowoomba and District has 26 Craft Lodges, 9 Royal Arch Chapters (including one Scottish Constitution Chapter) and numerous other orders. Over 500 Freemasons reside in the area and many of these attend their Lodge. There are two centres in Toowoomba - the main centre is at 58 Neil Street, phone 07 4638 8108 and has an electronic stair. The second centre in Anzac Avenue, phone 0414 899 230, is air conditioned. Both buildings are locally owned and maintained. In addition, we have Chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star and they assist in catering for functions and donate to our local charities.

If you are interested in joining our fraternity or seek further information, please contact us through any of the names listed below.

Further centres are located in Allora, Cambooya, Chinchilla, Clifton, Crow's Nest, Dalby, Forest Hill, Gatton, Jandowae, Jondaryan, Meandarra, Miles, Oakey, Pittsworth, Millmerran and Tara.

A Toowoomba and District Masonic Council has been created and is represented by all Craft Lodges whilst a Lodge of Instruction operates and provides masonic information and advice to all masons on the Downs.


The Masonic Council meets in the supper room in the centre at 58 Neil Street and exchange Lodge information, arrange charity activities such as sporting and cultural events and discuss topics of interest to the fraternity. The meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (except in December and January) usually commencing at 7.30pm. The President of the Council is currently VWor Bro I D Parry, AGSWks, RWBro K G Kahler, PJGW, Secretary and RWBro R C Turnbull, PJGW is our Treasurer. Membership of the Council is free and the annual meeting is in August each year.


Electronic mail addresses: (RWBro G Hohenhaus, PJGW, Secretary, Robert Burns Lodge, phone 07 4634 3471), (RWBro K Kahler, PJGW, IPM of Darling Downs Lodge, phone 07 4635 3680) and (WBro C. Currie, PM of Services Memorial Lodge, phone 07 4634 0394)

The new mail address for the Council is now: The Secretary, Masonic Council,1/329 West Street, Toowoomba, Q 4350.

Personal contact: Mr G R Hohenhaus, 9 Lacaze Street, Wilsonton 4350, 07 4634 3471 - Mr. K G Kahler, 1/329 West Street, Harristown 4350, 07 4635 3680 - Mr. R Turnbull, 9 Goode Street, Newtown 4350, Work 07 4699 4339, Home 07 4633 0646 -


All our craft lodges function under a charter from The United Grand Lodge of Queensland and are bound by the decisions of Grand Lodge. The current Grand Master is MWBro Graeme Albert Ewin who was installed in July 2007. The Grand Lodge is situated at 311 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000 phone 07 3229 3533. Grand Lodge meets each quarter on the first Wednesday of March, June, September and December commencing at 7.30 pm and all are invited to attend.

(Click on the Lodge name to view upcoming meeting information)

These Lodges meet at the Neil Street Masonic Centre:

Southern Cross
Services Memorial
Darling Downs
Lodge of Instruction

These Lodges meet at the Robert Burns-Anzac Avenue Masonic Centre:

Robert Burns
Garden City Daylight


Argyle, meets at the Forest Hill Masonic Centre, Victoria Street, Forest Hill
Ashlar, meets at the Oakey Masonic Centre, York Street, Oakey
Bunya, meets at the Roche Street Masonic Centre, Dalby
Burstow, meets at the Middle Street Masonic Centre, Chinchilla
Cambooya, meets at the Cambooya Public Hall, Cambooya
Crows Nest/Cooyar, meets at the Crows Nest Masonic Centre, Crows Nest
Clifton, meets at the Clifton Masonic Centre, Clifton
Hope, meets at the Allora Masonic Centre, Allora
Hutton, meets at the Masonic Centre, Jandowae
Gatton, meets at the Gatton Masonic Centre, Railway Street, Gatton
Jondaryan, meets at the Jondaryan Masonic Centre, Jondaryan
Meandarra, meets at the Masonic Centre, Meandarra
Millmerran United, meets at the Millmerran Masonic Centre, Millmerren
Murilla, meets at the Dawson Street, Masonic Centre, Miles
Pittsworth United, meets at the Pittsworth Masonic Centre, Pittsworth
Sir Joshua Peter Bell, meets at the Roche Street Masonic Centre, Dalby
Tara, meets at the Masonic Centre, Tara

Click here for lodge history

Masonic merchandise

PLEASE NOTE: The sale of items of Masonic clothing ie Polo shirts, business shirts, shower jackets and the like all with the new UGLQ Logo has resumed. A committee chaired by WBro David Gwynne, phone 4632 7208, has been formed and we are open for business. We can report that prices are very competitive and part of our charges go to Masonic Charity. Please place your orders with WBro Gwynne, RWBro Hohenhaus, RWBro Kahler or your Lodge secretary. We have purchased a sample display of the products and we will show them in visitations to country lodges.

In addition to the above merchandise, we remind brethren that our preloved regalia is now available. RWBro Roger Turnbull is the man to see and he reports that he has a large range of craft aprons, Masonic tails and some regalia from other orders for sale, including the Knights Templar and Royal Arch. And Roger is pleased to advise that he has two sets of Grand Lodge regalia (PAGM) & (PJGW)


The monies raised from the golf day and with the subsidy from the Board of Benevolence the council will be donating 3 rescue harness and straps to Careflight

The Council is also going to have a sausage sizzle and information weekend on the Carnival of Flowers weekend at the Neil Street Masonic Centre, Neil Street, Toowoomba, to coninside with the Geranium Society display. There will be a information booth as well and the centre will be open on the Sunday for anybody who is interested in joining. If you interested in assisting with this event please contact the Secretay

The Council is currently planning to sponsor a room at the Hospice and is asking all lodges to contribute to this as it is a worthy cause

The Council is planning to be involved in the St Lukes Christmas Tree event in December all who are interested in being involved with this please contact the Secretary.

The Council will be running a bus down to the Grand Proclamation of the Grand Master and the Investiture of Grand Officers for 2009 - 2010 on the 1st July 2009 the cost will be $20.00 if any brother is interested in going please contact Rt Wor Bro K Kahler

The Council would ask all members to keep in mind the Grand Masters special appeal. The Microscope that has been donated is a one of its kind and will be be very handy for those who will be using it and it will be for medicial research. The Council would urge Lodges and Members to donate accordingly.

The Council as again agreed to be apart of the Multi-cultural festival to be held on the 9th of August 2009. Anybody will to give assistance please contact the Secretary.

The Lodge of Instruction will be hosting a international guest speaker on the 5th of October 2009, unlike in past years this years presentation will be held at the hall at St James church on the corner of Mort and Russell Streets, Toowoomba. This year there will be a meal and then the guest speaker. The cost of the meal will be approximately $25.00 per person. The guest speaker is Wor Bro Kerry Nicholls and the topic will be " Freemasonary, Humanity, will we survive "

The Roma Communication was a great success with all attending saying they had a great time. The coucil moved a vote of thanks to Rt Wor Bro Kahler for his work in organizating the bus and the accommodation.

The Council has been informed of headstone tours of famous freemasons at the Toowoomba and Drayton cemetery. Anybody interested in joining such a tour please contact V.Wor Bro C.D. Denyer.

Services Memorial Lodge held their Anzac Day Service in the Neil Street Centre commencing at 7.30pm. The service is recognised as a masonic visitation must.

The next meeting of the Masonic Council will be held on MONDAY 15th of June 2009 at 7.00pm at the Neil Street Centre. We wish that all Lodge representatives will attend all meetings to advise their members of forthcoming events and to support your fraternity. By the way, you need to attend the meeting and advise us of your lodge's workings so we can place it on our page and don't forget we are waiting for the few remaining lodges to supply our webmasters with their lodge history.

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C.A. Currie
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