How to Take Better Photos of
Family and Friends (and Celebrities!)

How many people consistently take truly memorable pictures of
family and friends? It's not as hard as you think it would be.
Here are some practical tips I've learned that will help you
improve your camera skills when photographing people.
You don't have to be professional to take great pictures!

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How To Take Better Photos of Family and Friends
How to Edit and Organize Your Photos
Photos I Have Taken of Famous People - you'll recognize them! BBMak !!!
Sue's Online Photo Album -- my personal favorites
Reunion 2000
Hot Air Balloons!
Winter Wonderland
Autumn Leaves
Spring Flowers
Summer Fun
Scenic Beauty of St. Lucia
Pets Pose Too
Puppy in My Life - see the newest addition to our family
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Cats in My Life

I mostly photograph people, but my cats are also very photogenic. To learn more about my cats and see my favorite cat-related links, click on the picture of the two cats below.

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