Slink Shoals Primitive Campground

- Flatwoods, TN -

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This is the top level of the terraced hillside camping area. It is where the Buffalo Buds Office and Cabins are located now. This pic was made several years ago.

View: Facing South

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This is the field at the top of the hill. The land is leased to a farmer and he alternates crops in the field. This year must have been a 'resting' year for the rich bottom land, as there is nothing growing there but weeds. The dirt road back to the highway runs along the right side of this field at the treeline.

View: Facing East

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This is the road going up the hillside to the field. The river is behind the camera, the terraced grass camping areas (L1 thru L3) are to the left of the pic. The other grassy area, we call it the Bowl, is to the right of this pic.

View: Facing East

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This is the takeout point at Slink Shoals. It is quiet now, but will be clogged with canoes late in the afternoon on a Holiday Weekend. Ordinary weekends are not crowded.

View: Facing South

Photo 5 Back to Top
This is a view of the rocky shoal area. The take out point is behind the camera, the river is to the left and the road going up the hill to the field is to the right. On a holiday weekend, this entire area will be full of campsites.

View: Facing North

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This is what the bank looks like through most of the shoal.

View: Facing North

Photo 7 Back to Top
This is the takeout point on a Saturday afternoon, on Memorial Day Weekend.

View: Facing West

Photo 8 Back to Top
This is the view from the takeout point. The shoal extends for a good ways down river, there are lots of camping spots on it. The dirt road goes out to the right, up the hill towards the field. This is the terraced camping area we call L1 thru L3. The blue tents are on the L3 level.

View: Facing North East

Photo 9 Back to Top
This view is of "The Bowl" camping area. It is a nice, grassy area and it is close to the water. It is our second favorite area to camp at Slink Shoals. The river is to the right of this photo.

View: Facing South

Photo 10 Back to Top
This is the end of the Slink Shoals area, looking downriver The very end of the shoal has a nice little inlet and a good rocky beach.

View: Facing North

Photo 11 Back to Top
This view is of the shoal, facing south, toward the put in point. The river is to the right of this photo, the little inlet to the left. The rocky shoal extends about 150 yards from here.

View: Facing South

Photo 12 Back to Top
This is the little inlet at the end of the rocky shoal. Lots of folks try to get this area to camp.

View: Facing North

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