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Buffalo River Bikini Babes -
Since Bikini watching is one of the favorite pasttimes at the river, I decided to include this gallery of some lovely young ladies.

Photos from the 1983 Trip -
This was the first year we went camping and canoeing on the Buffalo River. There were just the four of us this first trip, Alan, Karen, Cindy and Keith (all four still going!). We packed all our gear in the boat and found a nice spot to pull off on the riverbank to set up camp. The river wasn't crowded at all back then, we did see some other canoes but very few. If you'll notice in the pics in this gallery, you never even see another boat in the background. The river has become much more popular in recent years.

Photos from the 1985 Trip -
There were a few more of us this year. Returning were Keith, Cindy, Karen and Alan. Joining us this year were Robin, David, Mark and Johnny. Some of us also brought some new friends who, coincidentally, were named Mary, Barry and Terry.

Photos from the 1991 Trip -
This was one of the most memorable of our trips to the Buffalo. This Memorial Day Weekend the river had, what the locals called, its "100 Year Flood". It rained and rained on us all day and night, the river came up so high overnight. We camped on the third tier (what we call L3) of the hillside, by morning the water was lapping at our feet. I didn't get too many pics from this year, I wish I had got some of the river up as high as it was. Check out the story of The 100 Year Flood on Memorial Day 1991.

Photos from the 1992 Trip -
This year we camped on the gravel shoal down by the water. The riverbanks were still very torn up with deadfalls and stray building materials from the previous years flood. It turned chilly and damp on Sunday afternoon this year, and we were caught unprepared in summer clothing. We had to stop several times on our 17 mile trip to build fires and warm up. and dry out clothes. Still, despite being cold and wet, we managed to laugh and play down the river.

Photos from the 1993 Trip -
This year we again camped on the gravel shoal by the water. Matt and John joined us this year, and brought their guitars and played all weekend. They are both very talented and we enjoyed the music and singing a lot. This was also Thomas' first year to go the Buffalo River.

Photos from the 1994 Trip -
This year we camped at the area we call "The Bowl". We call it that because if it rains (and it almost always does), the area is sunken and will quickly fill with water, like a bowl. There are high areas to put your tents, but the middle where the fire usually ends up quickly turns into a mire. It is not our first choice of camping spots, but it is nice and grassy and close to the water. Most areas close to the water are rocky shoals.

This Gallery also includes some photos from our "River Cleanup" Trip in 1994. Mike at Buffalo River Canoe Rental gave us the boats and trash bags for free, we collected cans and garbage all the way down.

Photos from the 1995 Trip -
This year we again camped at the area we call "The Bowl". This was Shelby's first year to go with us, she enjoyed canoeing until we tipped. Then she wanted out. We printed up T shirts for this year. We had two cars with overheating problems on this trip. My Dart overheated on me on the way up to the river. I had to skip canoeing this year, borrowed a car, drove to Parsons for a new waterpump. So, while everyone else was canoeing, I stayed in camp and swapped out the water pump. Alan and Karen were having overheating problems with their big Lincoln, too. We formed a caravan and stayed together on the way home. We had to stop twice while still on Hwy. 13 to fix blown water hoses on my Dart. We stopped again near Dickson TN to remove the thermostat. It was a loooooong trip home.

Photos from the 1997 Trip -
This was our 15th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to the Buffalo River. Dawn came down from North Carolina and joined us this year. Frani and Dewey joined us this year for the first time. Tim and Cindy searched high and low for a preacher or justice to marry them, but had no luck. Probably should have planned a little in advance and it might have worked out. They ended up getting married on Friday, June 13, 1997. It rained a lot on us this weekend, as usual.

Photos from the 1998 Trip -
This was our 16th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to the Buffalo River. Dawn came down from North Carolina again this year. She brought her son James this year, he didn't come last year. One of the most interesting things to happen this year was the idiot who drove his truck into the river at Slink Shoals intentionally, then could not get it out again. He tried and tried, spinning and digging and slinging water and rock, but only succeeded in burying the truck further into the rocky shoal. He finally had to be pulled out with another four wheel drive truck.

Photos from the 1999 Trip -
Our 17th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to Flatwoods, TN. We got the grassy area on the hillside again this year. It seems we have to get to Slink Shoals earlier every year to claim the prime spot. We used to arrive Friday early afternoon and be first, now even arriving Thursday morning does not guarantee we will be first on the shoal.

Photos from the 2000 Trip -
Our 18th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to Flatwoods, TN. Sonny, Tim and I were the first to arrive on Wednesday evening to reserve our favorite spots on the hillside. This is the first year I brought a digital camera, so there are lots and lots of pics from this year. They are all separated by days - from Thursday until Monday. We had t shirts printed again this year, we brought about 3 dozen and sold them out at the shoal.

Photos from the 2001 Trip -
The 19th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to Flatwoods, TN. I didn't go on this trip, but my good friend Sonny stepped in and took a few shots from this years river adventure. You can visit his website, "The Sonny Pages" and be sure and drop him an email and let him know how much we all appreciate his acting as photographer for the 19th Buffalo River Rampage.

Photos from the 2002 Trip -
The 20th Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to Flatwoods, TN. This year we celebrated our 20th Annual Camping Trip to the Buffalo River. We had quite a party! We had tshirts printed up, and koozies with our 20th anniversary logo printed on them.

Photos from the 2003 Trip -
The 21st Annual Canoe and Camping Trip to Flatwoods, TN. I didn't go on this trip so I really can't write anything interesting here that happened. Just check out the pics.

Photos from the 2004 Trip -
We had a great time this year. Camped at Slink Shoals again, on the top level. The new property owner delivered us a porta-potty this year, which we thought was awesome!! That is, until about halfway through the weekend when the stench became unbearable. It was smack dab in the middle of our camping area, but everyone on the shoals was coming up to use it. Chuck, Sonny, AJ and Tim played music for us all weekend and Doug made sure we always had a fire that could be seen from space. Another great trip to the Buffalo!!

Photos from the 2006 Trip -
We had a really good time this year. The spot we camped in was perfect, right on the water with a nice little shoal to hang out on. Frani drove down one day and hung out with us all day long. Chuck brought his little boat and rowed it all over the river. The rest of us just couldn't get the hang of that thing. We played lots of music, drank lots of beer and danced around a great big fire for 4 or 5 nights straight! Next year is the 25th anniversary, should be the biggest and best yet!

Photos from the 2007 Trip -
Photos from our 2007 25th Anniversary Buffalo River trip coming soon.

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