Deep Space 5
Orbital Dry Dock SK3 - U.S.S. Lancelot
Research & Development
Bay 2 - U.S.S. Enterprise
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My name is Paul Gould and I live in Owego, N.Y.  I am 34 and have been buildling models as long as I can remember. 
You may also find me on CultTVMan's Sci-Fi  message board DestinyChild and Starship Modeler as Last of the Jedi
Currently docked at Deep Space 5:
See what projects I have underway and check out my workspace
Constellation Class Starship
Bay 3 - U.S.S. Thunderchild
Deep Space Nine
My pride and joy, this model is lit with fiber optics and sports several starships docked at the station. 
Star Wars
These are pics of sci-fi's greatest designs that we have no models of....
NCC - 1701 - C  Ambassador Class Starship
NCC - 1701 - D  Galaxy Class Starship
NCC - 1701 - E  Sovereign Class Starship
NCC - 65549  Akira Class Starship
NCC - 58925  Olympic Class Medical Vessel
NCC - 72381  Nova Class Starship
U.S.S. Pasteur
U.S.S. Equinox
Other projects and interests
Bay 4 - U.S.S. Voyager
NCC - 74656 Intrepid Class
Bay 6 - Klingon Bird of Prey
Vessels under construction:
Bay 5 - U.S.S. Acropolis
"All Good Things" Galaxy Class Dreadaught
Deep Space Five is dedicated to the models I have built in the past couple of years.  Some of these projects include resin kits (expensive, but without garage companies, we wouldn't have models of some of these wonderful starship designs. 

The Research & Development pages include workbench photos of current projects under construction - I try to update the pages regularly as I progress on a model.

Scratchbuilding has been an area I've been exploring for the past year.  Thus far, I've scratchbuilt a Nebulon-B from ESB and
Starstorm One from the Tales of the Jedi series. 
Bay 7 - U.S.S. Yeager
NCC - 61947
Sabre Class Starship
Starfleet Task Force Omicron
A display of 1/1400 models
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