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Brandy Handley
feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.-Thanks!
HI and welcome to our site dedicated to past"Great" Danes.
Unfortunatly we have had to find new homes for our Danes-with the hectic life of 6 kids and one needing therapy we have made a choice not to own Danes at the present time. It was a very hard choice for me since I have had Danes for over the past 11 years.  I hope to own  or be owned by another Dane in the future. Danes require ALOT of attention-esp since they actually think they are human. LOL
We are located in the Upstate of South Carolina.  My husband,my 6 children and I have owned and bred Danes for about 10 years now.
We are a small hobby kennel and only breed on occasion, about every few years.
WE strive to breed the best pets and family members possible with health being out main concern followed by temperment and then the rest will fall into place. I do not show my dane as none have shown any interest other than being couch potatos.  LOL
Our pups go to approved homes only. If you are interested in a pup, please feel free to e-mail. Even if I don't have a litter planned I can refer you to a breeder or friend that may have  the right pup for you.

I do offer a 48 hour general health contract as well as a 14 month genetic contract. I also offer a lifetime of support and am here to answer questions even if you don't bring one of our babies home.


Previous litters
Brandy's Danes
Just want to thank Randy and Adree for this awsome pic of Koda-new parents to Apollo-to see pics of Apollo go the previous litter page. Koda has a new home in NC-all 3 danes went to a great home
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