Other Stuff Different Than Bootlegs

Tshirts: Make me an offer.
CD Singles: Any Marilyn Manson, nine inch nails that I Don't Have.
CDs: I'm looking for a lot of CDs so make me an offer.
Collectibles/Vynils: Manson and nine inch nails specially.


Marilyn Manson:
??-??-?? Boca Raton, FL
05-04-94 Houston, TX
10-29-96 New York, NY
01-04-97 Houston, TX
01-05-97 Houston, TX
05-29-97 Paris, FRANCE
07-23-97 Vancouver, CANADA
07-27-97 Winnipeg, CANADA
Any Video or Audio That I Don't Have

Other bands:
Professional Murder Music, gODHEAD, nine inch nails (specially videos from 1994-1995), Coal Chamber (Rare Shows), Cold (Anything!), Drown (Anything!), Skinny Puppy, Jack Off Jill, Monster Magnet (Opening For Manson).



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