I'M NOT INTERESTED in any MP3s or videos from YouTube, or any videos that you got from a torrent. I'm only interested on DVDs, but will trade for VHS if it's really rare.

1. I'm always looking for upgrades. If you have a MASTER of a show that I originally have on VHS, contact me.
2. If you transfer the shows from VHS to DVD, please divide every song into chapters... Don't do auto-mode!!
3. I'm specially interested in trades. If you have no videos or audios make me an offer.
4. Please use brand DVDs (Sony, Maxell, TDK, Philips, Memorex). I accept DVD+R and DVD-R Media :-)
5. Please use brand CDs (Sony, TDK, Memorex...).
6. 1 DVD= 2 Videos VHS = 3 CDR.
7. Only tape with a 4 or 6 head VCR or better.
8. Don't stamp a date, time or channel onto what you're taping for me. DON'T WRITE ON THE DISCS. eithers cds or dvds. Don't write on the labels themselves. Either write on the back or on another piece of paper.
9. Please leave at least 5 seconds space between the shows.
10. DON`T CUT any shows on audio and video.
11. I will not send first or at the same time if we haven't trade before.
12. Include information about a show (band, location, date, gen, equipment).
13. I prefer to send the videos and audios by FIRST CLASS MAIL, I expect you to do the same.
14. Do not compress DVDs. Do no send me DATA DVDs, unless we arranged a trade that way.
15. Don't Rip Me Off!!! I have your home address and your personal information.



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