If you want to know how I grade bootlegs, just check the next ratings:

A Excellent, Perfection.
A- Great, Minor Flaw.
B+ Very Good, Small Flaw.
B Good, Flaws.
B- Decent, Flaws.
C+ Not Good, Major Flaws.
C For Obsessed Fans Only
C- Only For Hardcore Fans.

Also just a reminder. If the show was originally on VHS, probably the rating might be wrong. Back in the days an A would be a B+ this days, specially with all of those HD Bootlegs coming out.


If you want to know, the Generation is the number that appears at the end of some items, and that means the times that this item has been copied. That's just an example:

M Master, I own the original.
1 1st Generation, My copy was recorded from the original.
2 2nd Generation.
Low Low Generation. Might be something between 1st and 3rd Gen.
Mid Middle Generation. Might be something between 4th and 7th Gen.
High High Generation. Unknown Gen. Beware.



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