A great place to meet friends who are recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery or Getting Ready to have Breast Reduction Surgery

Welcome to Boosum Buddies.

After reading through the following list of questions you will know if you have come to the right place.

  1. Do most of your shirts have food "skid marks"?

  2. Do you often dream about having smaller breasts?

  3. Have you thought about having a breast reduction?

  4. Have your boobs gotten in the way of your normal day to day activities?

  5. Do your boobs enter the room 10 minutes before the rest of your body?

  6. Do you complain about sore shoulders,  back or neck?

  7. Are you tired of paying high prices for those unsightly white or beige bras?

  8. Do you have difficulty finding clothes that fit?

  9. Do you know your bra size or do you squeeze into a bra that is actually to small

  10. Are you considering your answers to the above questions and are you interested in making all those answers change?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above please come join our Boosum Buddies Forum, where you can get information from other women who are looking for information and from women who have DONE IT!!

Boosum Buddies

Boosum Buddies

Email: boosumbuddies@yahoo.com

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