The System
System - Apparatus of various levels and branches of government that trancends juristictions of municipal, provincial, and even national boundries.  Usually the system is comprised of a heirarchy of information systems within each country and apexed by the intelligence agency of that country.  It usually has very little oversight by a handful of unellected officials comprised as a review agency which is largely agenda driven.


Overthrow the democratic will of the people in the nations of the countries that it operates in.

. Create dependancy on system
. Create a dysfunctional     society by attacking natural power structcher of family
.  Remove checks and balances that protect society from tyranny.

Ultimately the system understands that the founding fathers of many of the free and democractic societies understood and knew that the greatest safegard against tyranny was entrenching within law the principal that all men are equal under God.

It is this principal that must be overcome for a democractic system to be overthrown.

This could only be accomplished by imposing an ideology upon the populace of the nations in which the system operates.  This ideology is individualism, which in reality does not promote individualism but a type of collectiveism. Its the type that believes in equallity of outcome inspite of individual differences, strengths, and weakenesses of the person.

Individualism allows for minority rights to take precedence over collective rights.  Minority rights are no longer democractically balanced which in turn skews the rights and freedoms of the majority. 

In this way a free and democractic society is overthrown and the tyranny of the minority reigns supreme. It allows for the very thing to be brought back into play that the founding fathers fought to destroy in their rebellion against the Tyrant King George 3. That some become above the law and undermine a democracy.

A type of despotism ensues which is able to be passed off as a free and democractic society.
Big Brother Thinks its God

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