Hello and welcome to Black Mountain Pomeranians.
My name is Arnolfo Montenegro...in English Arnnie Black Mountain. My wife Carol and I have been married since 1993.. I have been breeding Pomeranians since 1994 with the help of my wonderful wife. My love for Pomeranians started when I met my wife in 1992. I had never seen a animal so cute before. When I met my wife she had been a Pom breeder for over 25 years. When we got together she had a few Poms but did not breed often due to her health. She has taught me all I know and today we produce some of the most beautiful Pomeranians around in the most beautiful colors.
Colors produced are orange, red, cream, sable, brindle, white, black, blue, chocolate, black and tan, chocolate and tan, blue and tan tri's, parti, cream sable and true wolf sable in show and pet qualty. Our Poms have good bloodlines with many nice champions in their backgrounds..
So come on in and have a look around I'm sure you will find something that you will love. And if you have time we would love for you to sign our guessbook :0)
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