Bamm2u currently provides banner making service for free. All that we ask for is a link on your webapge. To get a banner made, send an email to with the following information
1. Size of the banner you want. (If you don't know the size mention one of the banners we have.)
2. The website name that you want to appear on it.
3. ANY picture that you want to be made into your banner. If no picture then give us an idea on what kind of picture you want. (This will be cropped, you won't get the entire picture.)
4. Any information you want on the picture. IE a catch phrase like Come See that Bamm2u uses. Saying what you do or what it's for. We may crop the sentences down to fit on the banner or to make it look nicer.
5. Say what format you want your banner returned to you. Gif, Jpg, Bmp, or Psd are the ways that we will return it to you.
6. Where our link/banner can be found.

After we complete the banner you will be able to pick it up, via internet. We will also send you several codes for use in forums and on the website.

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