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Warning on Anime: Please take careful notice that we classify anime in two catergories, common and hentai. The reason we do this, is to not offend those who do not care for the nature of hentai movies. Common movies are normal everyday run of the mill Anime movies like Spirited Away, Ninja Scroll, and other movies along this same nature. If they do have any nudity, sexual content, strong language, or mass violence the movie industry still allowed it to be released without putting the hentai name on it. We at Bamm2u try to warn you about the nature of some of these movies if any of this is involved in the movie.Hentai Movies while still in the Anime normally have strong sexual content, nudity, strong language, and mass violence (Ie alot of blood). We do NOT show any pictures on our site of this nature, however we do speak about certian aspects in the movie pertaining to this.

Bamm2u tries to keep our content for anyone fifteen and older. However, we strong recommend that if you are under 18 you do not watch Hentai movies or read our reviews on them. The Japanese Culture makes humor on sexual content and violence, therefore most hentai we review are for the humor aspect and not that sexual content that is involved (IE we do not watch it for pornographic material instead for the humor). We are sorry if this offends anyone, but you have been warned. Do not enter if you don't like this type of material.
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