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10kYu 4 ViSiTiNg MuH sYtE!
sIgN mUh gUeStBoOk,AyT?
LaSt uPdAtEd:12.23.2006

Hiyaz Peepz! I've finally gotten rid of the two-toned fully div-ed typical teen site. a bit too stereotyped. so i thought i should add a little sugar a spice to liven up the net a bit. anyways enjoy surfing! :-)

This site doesn't represent my thoughts, my feelings or my personality unlike all my other ones. The artistic creativity and 'feel' is different. This site portrays the person I always longed to be. Somewhere, deep down inside me is filled with colors and life just like this site. ++ Baby Girl Ivy

I got a domain! It's at Miss.IvyTan.Net! Yay! ++ BayBee Grrl

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