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11 May 00: Site restructured! Go to my photo album page to see pictures of me at 3, 6, and 9 months NEW photos of me at one year old!

Hi, I'm Rudi! Welcome to my world! I'm a toy Manchester terrier, which is a pretty big name for such a little me. I live in Newark, Delaware, where everyone seems to know me. Thanks for visiting me! I hope that you can find out some more about me and about Manchesters in general. By the way, my registered name is Saint Lazar's Rudolf von Liebenthal. I got that name because Liebenthal is German for "love valley" and I am filled with love all the time!

This is me running; I am quite spry, reaching top speeds over 20mph, for sure! Toy and standard Manchesters as you know us today are descended from the English Black-and-Tan terrier, which was a rough dog that lived in central England. The Manchester terrier is actually the oldest terrier breed. The old Black-and-Tan terriers were the original "pit dogs," which means that people used to bet money on how quickly they could kill rats and mice. Those dogs had shorter legs and bigger bodies, and they were not quite as beautiful as the present-day Manchesters. To make us faster and more refined, Italian greyhounds were added to the breedings, and the Toy variety was created by choosing small Manchesters for breeding. The breed as you know us today has been around for about 150 years, but believe me, we have not strayed far from our Black-and-Tan roots in terms of viciousness! Please click here to find out what I am NOT.

I get up early every morning to watch the sun rise. I love to run around, to hunt, to dig, to chase...all of that terrier stuff! Even though my breed is in the AKC's Toy Group, I am more of a terrier than a lap dog. Terriers were useful as pest control on ships and in kitchens; if you ever see me get my jaws on a sock, you will see what fate must have befallen thousands of rats in the paws and jaws of terriers! Don't think I am all killer instinct, of my favorite inside activities is sleeping on Lora or Andi! I like to play with other dogs, no matter what size they are! There aren't many dogs smaller than I am, so most of my friends are bigger. I can still keep up with them and play without getting hurt, though! I bet I am the most outgoing dog ever. I like to spread the love around, so I say hi to every person and dog I meet.

This is me doing one of my favorite things, which is invading the people bed! Even when I am sleeping, I worry about Andi and Lora, and so I try to stay alert. I will always wake up to check out a loud sound, just in case someone is coming in the house uninvited. I know you are looking at me and thinking, Wow, he looks like a huge, ferocious dog! Actually, I am pretty tiny, as dogs go. Toy Manchesters may weigh no more than 12 pounds (I am full grown now and about 11 1/2 pounds), and I am about a foot tall at my shoulder. Wow! Don't let my size fool you...I actually think that I can take on any dog, big or small, and I will try it! I am sort of a "Velcro" dog; I follow my people everywhere...inside, outside, to the kitchen, to bed, to the bathroom! I love being with them all the time, and I have a funny feeling that they couldn't live without me, either!

Please click here to find out about owning and training your own toy Manchester. Also, check this page out to find out about breeding, my parents, and the other toy Manchesters at my kennel, Saint Lazar. One funny thing about me is how much I look like other animals...see if you agree! Finally, for all of the picture lovers, visit Rudi's Photo Album to see me doing the things I do so well. And of course there are links to other toy Manchesters on the web, and more information about us as a breed.

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