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On July 13th we had a little baby girl. Her name is Audra L. McReynolds. Her birth weight was l lb. 12.2 oz. Her length is 13.5 inches long. She was born in the 26th week. She was 17 week early. She was born a week after Becky's water broke. She was born at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus Ohio. Then she was transfered to Children's Hospital in Columbus, where she will stay until she reaches 4 lbs and then she can come home to us.We are counting the days!! Below is the current weekly picture of her. The newest pictures will be under the 1st weeks pic.
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Audra had some problems during the first week. She has to breath with a machine. She had some feeding problems. She had some digestive problems.Which all seem to be getting better.She has to be fed by a tube.She has to get her meds by an IV.She didn't gain much in the first week.
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2nd Week

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Her eyes opened during the 2nd week.She has some pretty eyes. During the 2nd week she had some changes. She is gaining weight finally. She is soon to be off the breathing machine but a date has not been set as of when. We thought she was doing well with her heart. She was born with holes in her heart connecting her upper ventricles and lower ventricles.Which is common for babies born in the 26 th week. She has to have a IV type thing put into the main vain of the leg. This is so she won't be poked so much and so they can feed her better.She is now up to 1 pound 15.8 ounces!! She is doing alot better now.
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3rd Week

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Audra was on medication for her heart. Two times they put her on the meds. They thought the problem was solved. But the problem caused her to have spells. All her stats went down when she had the spells. And she is not digesting the food because of the spells. They are going to have to surgically close the holes in her heart. They say it is not a difficult proceedure. We want her to get better and to gain weight. She is already up to 2 pounds 3 ounces. Keep watching the page and we will keep you updated.
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4th Week..August 8th

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We finally got to hold our little angel tonight!! She is 2 lbs. 4 oz. and is 14 inches long. We found out tonight that she will be transfered to Children's Hospital tomorrow. She will be having a minor heart surgery that will close up the heart murmor that she has. The nurses say she has a 100% chance of making it through the surgery (I know she will because she is daddy's little girl) :).
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August 10

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They decided that they are going to do the surgery tomorrow afternoon sometime. They put in a bigger breathing tube so she could breath better. They say she is doing much better now that the breathing tube is bigger! She weighs 2 lbs. 5 oz. I will have another update tomorrow night when we get back from Childrens.
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August 11th

Audra had her surgery. The night before she coded. The morning of the surgery we walked in on her coding. This means we almost lost our little girl. It was the scarest moment of our lives. She also out grew out of her breathing tube which they had to put a new one in. We were told that the PDA, which is the whole in the heart, Is there to prevent the baby from using the lungs in the mom's stomach. It pumps the blood to the placenta while in the mother. When a baby is born it closes so the blood won't go to the lungs. Because hers didn't close the blood went to her lungs. When the blood went to her lungs it caused them to shut down therefore her heart shut down. That is why we almost lost her. Her left lung was nothing but congestion before the surgery. Dr. Davis at Children's Hospital preformed the surgery. He did a great job on our little Audra. After the surgery they did an X-Ray. This was done to check the lungs and was done within a few minutes of the surgery. Within those few minutes her left lung was clear. The surgery was helpful in clearing her lungs. Now she is doing much better. Thanks to prayer and Dr. Davis our baby's lungs and heart are just fine.
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August 13th

At 3:00am she coded and she was gone. They did CPR for 30 minutes and brought her back! Sure was a long day but well worth it. Her x-rays and sats are looking alot better and the color is all coming back. She is now up to 2lbs 10.2oz. We are currently staying at Childrens until we know that she is out of this danger zone.
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August 14th

her stats were down after suctioning her mouth and lungs. They didn't go down to far but, down enough to cause concern. She would come back up slowly and that became a problem during the day. She is on Sodium Bycarb for her problem. She is also on quite a few different things an antibiotic to prevent infection while waiting for the test. She is on Steriods to make her little lungs work. She is on a medicine that makes her red blood cells grow, and some other meds. Last night before we left her red blood count went up, that means that she is making her own cells!!! Our poor little girl has IV's all over and the breathing machine. She is so wonderful. She did okay yesterday and is stable. She is still sick. We need all the support and prayers we can get. The nice letters and emails help. Thanks for praying and emails.
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August 15th

What started to be another long day turned out to be one of the most exciting. Her saturation and blood gasses were getting better. The vent was turned down a little bit every 15 minutes. She was wide awake and kicking her legs and moving her arms again. It was so exciting! She has up days and down days. She is still not out of the woods as of yet but from the way she was acting tonight, it won't be too long until she's not sick. They are working on one problem at a time. First her heart and now her little lungs.
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August 21st

It has been a while since we did daily updates So, we will fill you in. We have been trying to get on our feet and with some help from friends we have made it.Audra's lungs are not developed because she is a preemie.They are trying to get them working right. She has a problem with keeping the whole lung working. First the upper right side was not working. Then, the upper right side was not working. Then, they had to change the settings on the machine. Then, they had to move her to another machine. The other machine makes her vibrate. She is constantly vibrating. At one point her lungs pushed everything down and she looked like a child on the feed the children ads. She is still sick. They are getting stuff out of her lungs and mouth. The longer she is on the machine. The longer she will have long term problems. Yesterday was an excellent day. She kept her sats to 100% all day. Her gasses came back good all day. They were able to turn down the machine and to turn down the oxygen. Her color looked good and she was doing what she was suppose to. It was her best day so far at Children's. With prayer she will make it.But, it will be a long road.
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August 22nd

Looks like things are starting to look up in a couple of ways. Yesterday they moved her back on to her old breathing machine which the Dr said was a step in the right direction. This morning they moved her back into her isolet because of the noise level around there in the daytime with people in and out. All of her gasses are coming out normal for once! The X-ray done this morning showed her right lung was alot better but the left one was still the same. Guess the Lord heals one thing at a time huh..hehehe. She was looking very good today color wise and everything.
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August 27th

Audra has been doing good for the last 4 days. Her gases have been coming out good. Her X-Rays have been coming back better. She is showing improvement. She is now on the conventional machine. This means it is breathing normally for her.As of this morning she only had on place on her lung which was bad. They do vibrations on the lungs to fix that. She is fighting for her life and so are we. She is hanging on and being a little trooper. She takes after her daddy with her fighting...LOL.
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September 1st

We have run into a few problems now. The IV lines have caused an infection. The infection is a yeast infection and it is in her blood and also in her urine now. They are treating it but, she has to be isolated from the other babies. We have to use gloves and gowns to touch her. She has had the broviac and the Artery line removed now. They had to be put in but, it can cause infection. She is keeping down her food now..a whole 3cc's of it. The infection she has is a fungus infection and can cause major problems. We are hoping for the best . It is hard to watch this all but, they are doing a great job with her..
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September 6th

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They took out the broviak tube in her leg because of infection. The way it looks now is that she is almost off of the breathing machine. They are turning it down 3 times a day if she lets them. They increased her feeding to 18CC's every 3 hours and she is taking it all. Her weight is 2 pounds 15 ounces. She is almost at 3 pounds!! She is doing really well!!
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September 11th

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Rub a dub dub...Look....its Audra in a tub!! Look who is getting a bath and enjoying it! She is such a ham for the camera! Today she will get that nasty breathing tube out. All of her blood gasses have come back great and they want to see if she can still kick butt without the breathing machine! Now all they need for her to do is to eat from a bottle and get up to 4 pounds and 8 ounces and then she can come home.
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September 13th

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They took the breathing tube out of her and she is doing fine on her own! They also raised her feedings up to 24cc's every 3 hours. She seems to be doing very well and that makes us happy little campers :)
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September 15th

Well, as we have been saying there is good and bad days. Yesterday they had to put the breathing tube back in. Audra wasn't doing well at all. She was breathing to hard and using up calories and losing weight. She is so tiny that it was to hard on her. She is doing better with the tube back in. She wore herself out and needs the rest now. She is on very low settings on the vent. This has been an emotional time for us. We want her to come home so badly. Becky has been making trips to see her and I have been working alot of hours to catch up on the bills. It makes it hard for us to go through this alone and not together at the moment. But, we are making it. Audra got CMV which is a virus and they are treating that. She is on Caffine to get the diaphram muscles to relax and to tell the brain to breath. She is on vitamins with iron. She is also on another medicine to get her enzymes down. We have been told by the Doctors that she is a fighter and she is going to make it.
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September 19th

Yesterday they took the tube out again..
Audra had a problem with her airway about an hour later..
They ended up putting the tube back in..
She had a spasm in her throat
that caused the airway to almost shut off...
She is doing okay now..
But, when they took the tube out this time
she wasn't breathing so hard this time...
She was breathing normal..
They will give her a few days to get herself together and try again..
They don't know exactly what causes some babies to have this problem..
All they know is some babies get that..
The doctors have told us that she is gonna make it off the vent..
But, every day she is on it..
can lead to more lung problems..
We were very nervous and scared on the way to the hospital
when they called and said they had to retube her..
Our hearts sank again..
it is a very emotional time for us..
with up and down times..
We are holding up okay and remaining strong..
But, it is very hard for us..

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September 23rd

On the 21st the Dr. Covering for the regular Dr.
decided to put her on a step up instead of taking the tube out.
He decided to put her on a new machine.
With this machine she breaths on her own.
This machine does not give her any extra breaths.
It lets her breath on her own.
Then, when she takes a breath
the machine gives her just a little more oxygen
and a breath so it helps her get the breathing pattern down.
When they take the tube out she will be use to breathing
the way that she wants to breath and not the way a machine wants her to breath.
Since they have put her on that machine her congestion is more.
But, she is coughing it out...
up into the suction tube...
That way she will get rid of that stuff
on her own once they take the tube out..

Today the regular Dr. comes back from his days off.
He wanted the tube out 4 days ago.
He had his days off and will return
and probably want the tube out this morning.
Becky is going today to be with Audra.
Because of the past experiences
we are scared of the tube being taken out.
But, we are excited because it will be out.
Relieved because it will help her lungs.
So, it is an emotional roller coaster at the moment.
We will try to get a pictures of her
without the tape on her face and the breathing tube.
That way everyone will get to see
what she looks like without tape on her face..

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September 25th

It has been a long hard few days...
Audra's sats have been droping
since they put her on the new machine.
Her stats mostly drop in the mornings.
She now has a throat infection.
She is being treated for it with antibiotics.
She is doing okay.
But, she is going to have to get off that machine soon.
They are doing what they call PD's.
That means they take a little plastic tool looking thing.
Pound on her back or chest
to break up the congestion.
While we were there today she desated
a couple of times and was fine when we left.
We are feeling like we took a whole bunch of steps backwards.
But, we know she can get better.

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September 26th

Audra was put on the regular breathing machine last night.
Yesterday after we left she had a major desat into the 50's.
She needs a transfusion again.
That is one problem she has.
The oxygen in the blood is the sat rate.
This means when she is getting good flow it is at 100%.
She wasn't getting good oxygen in her blood last night.
She was having trouble breathing on the new machine.
This is what we thought since the sats have dropped since she has been on it.
We think that part of the problem was the new machine.
Another part could have been the transfusion that was needed.
Plus, the fact that she had to be tubed and retubed.
This could have pulled the old stuff up to where it congested her.
We also believe the throat infection could have had something to do with it.
Since they put her on the new machine she is doing well.
She is resting and sating better.

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September 28th

Her stubborness has finally shown through.
She got the idea that she didn't
want that breathing tube in her any longer
so she decided to pull it out all by herself.
She even was holding it for the nurse
when the nurse came back.
They had to retube her.
Today she is having a picc line in her today.
Picc line is like a broviac.
It goes into a main vein for the rest of the 5 days
that she has to have the antibiotics.
Her veins keep collapsing after
long periods of use which that is normal.
She now weighs 3lbs 9oz.
I guess the jenny craig program will have to wait.

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October 1st

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She is doing good for now. She weighs 3lbs 13oz.
She is retaining water so the weight will change soon.
The vent settings went down.
She is exhaling good.
We get a new doctor every month
so we have no idea what he wants to do with
her as far as the breathing machine goes.
She is on good vent settings this morning.

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October 5th

Audra's tube was to far down and caused her stats
and heart rate to drop
they had to do chest compressions...
(No bagging) to bring them back up
once they put the tube in the right place..
Today Becky went in
and they had her all dressed up and bundled up..
they have to keep her hands
away from her face because her nails
or her Picc Line is scratching her face..
There was some more news today..
They did a sonogram on her diaphram...
the x-ray looked different and they checked it out..
They found out that the left side of the diaphram is partically paralized...
The good sign is it is not totally paralized...
It is still moving
but, not as good as it should be..
The Dr. (Which is Dr. McLead the original Dr.)
Believes she will get use of it back with growth...
I asked him to confer with the Resp. Therapist
on the matter of getting her off the breathing tube..
He said that he would...
We now know that she requires some more growth
and some changes on the vent
to make the diaphram work.
In the Nicu The "Newborn Intensive Care Unit",
The Attending and the Residents change every month..
First we had Dr. McLead.
Then, Dr. Sequin.
Now it is back to Dr. McLead again..

Audrachr.jpg - 7177 Bytes

Audra in a Vibrating Chair...
Because they didn't have more than 20 minutes to hold her...
and we weren't there to do it.. hehehehe

AudraBar.jpg - 4901 Bytes

October 9th

Audra has some complications due to the PDA.
That is the heart surgery.
She had a nerve that connects to the diaphram
pinched off which causes the left side of the diaphram
to be partially paralyzed.
She will take a while on the machine
to make her diaphram work enough to be taken off of it.
They say at least another month.
It is so hard to keep making the long trip
and to get stuff done around the house and work done.
This has been very hard on us.
Now that she is due the 18th of this month
and they said that babies born early
usually come around the due date....
They tell us it will be a while.
The course of action is...
First to ween the machine...
Next is to put her on the bi-pap settings...
To try and get the diaphram to work...
The next course if that doesn't work
is to give her inhalors...
The last step is to pin the corner of the diaphram
which means another surgery.
We are hoping and praying
it will not come to that.
She has been through so much already.
We know that she is here because of prayer.
We ask that everyone pray that God
will heal her lungs of the congestion she has
and let the decrease in the machine work.

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October 13th

Well here is the scoop...
They have been able to wean her down
on the machine...
She is doing good with the new settings...
They are going to let her rest for the weekend...
Then, on Monday they are set to take out the tube...
This means that on Monday
she will be off the machine..
With her past history...
we are kinda nervous but, excited.
She is doing so well that she will come off the machine
before the end of the month as we had thought.
She is now 4 pounds 3 and 1/2 ounces..
and ready to come home as soon as she gets off the machine
and learns to drink from the bottle.

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October 16th

Well, today she had the tube removed..
I finally got some pictures without all the tape...
She is looking so cute...
She is doing good...
Her gasses are coming back good...
She is doing very good...
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October 23rd

Audra is doing well without the tube...
They gave her steriods in the feeding tube....
This caused her stomach to get sick...
She has been cranky and having problems with feedings now...
They had to give her an IV for fluids...
When they did that they started to give the steriods through the IV..
She is now taking her feeds again...
Not so cranky anymore because she is eating...
and her stomach is not getting sick...
She has been off the breathing machine for 6 days now...
The next step is too get her off the CPAP
and put her on a regular nasal tube.
Then, the feeding with the bottle.
As soon as she is eating
and on the regular nasal tube she can come home.

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October 24th

Our little pumkin is growing good she is at 4 and 1/2 pounds now.
She was put on the regular nasal tube yesterday.
She is doing good with it.
The CPAP tube is on her in the above picture.
The regular nasal tube is what you or I would have if we went into the hospital.
The gases are good and the X-Rays are good.
She just doesn't like the mornings.
She gets really fussy and cries in the mornings for the last week.
Hopefully, by Thursday or Friday they will
have her back to her normal feeds.
Then, they will attempt a bottle feeds.
This process depends on her
and how well she does with it.
Hopefully she will do well and be able to come home.
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October 28th

A couple days ago on our way to see our little Audra
we got into a car accident.
Buddy suffered neck injuries, Becky was unharmed.
A deer jumped the interstate median and hit the van.
The van was the only means of transportation for us.
We are working to get it up and running.
We can drive it.
But, it needs lights and a fender and a wiper motor.
We can do the work on it.
They just moved Audra to NDU.
Which is the unit before she can come home.
The Doctor called yesterday
and asked if we wanted her to come home
on the feeding tube because of her PVL (Brain Damage)
it will take her a while to feed. Of course we said yes.
Audra will be coming home sometime within the next week to week and a half.
We just have to get the van working good to go and see her.
We will keep ya updated!!!

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November 1st

A few days ago Becky noticed some problems with Audra's legs.
She asked the nurse to check it out.
The nurse said that Audra was fine.
The next day when Becky called about Audra
she asked the nurse to check it out.
This time the nurse passed it on to the Dr.
The doctor called and told us that there was swelling
in her knees and she couldn't move them.
They have run a whole bunch of tests on Audra's knees.
They think she got an infection in them.
They removed fluid from her knees and sent it for tests.
The tests take about a week to do.
They have put her on antibiotics.
As of right now she can't come home
till they find out what it wrong with her knees.
The van is running but, not fixed and this is going to make it difficult on us.
They say probably 2 weeks now till she can come home.
We are going to talk to the Doctor's and see what we can do.
We need prayers for sure.
The Doctor's have informed us that some of the test
have to grow cultures so we will see in 2 more days what they say.
In the meantime they are lowering her oxygen.
Going to gravity feeds and then they will be trying a bottle.
Hopefully with the few days she will not need the oxygen.
The antibiotics seem to be working for her knees.
It is becoming very stressful on us.
We have been at this for 3 months and are ready for her to come home.

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November 6th

Audra has had several tests done.
They found yeast in her knee.
Yeast can cause problems to the heart,
the eyes, the kidney's, and the spine.
It can form clusters on them.
She had a spinal tap, which came out neg.
A ultra sound of her head.
Which has formed some new clusters
but, is about the same as before.
It takes a while for some damage to form.
So, she is where she has been for a while.
She had an ultra sound on her kidney's,
Which came out normal.
She had an ultra sound on her heart,
Her heart is fine.
They wanted to do a MRI on her but,
the magnet used for this test,
could loosen the metal clip in her heart.
So, they have to wait till the 12th to do that test.
They are going to see if they can do a Cat Scan instead,
and get the same results.
They are trying to figure out if the
yeast is in the joint, bone or on the outside.
They are giving her antifungal meds and it seems to be working.
The swelling is going down.
Becky took the CPR and Well Baby Classes for a preemie.
That is all we know at the moment.

AudraBar.jpg - 4901 Bytes

November 10th

Well they are trying her without any oxygen.
But just like always some things take time.
We will have to see how well she does.
She is doing well with her knees.
The swelling has gone down.
The tests have come back negative
for yeast growing anywhere but the knees.
The left knees is good now.
She is still babying the right one though.
But, the antibiotic that she is on is very strong and powerful
and most hospitals will not give it to a baby.
Since this is a rare place to have it most hospitals don't.
Her end of her 2 week dose is on Thursday next week.
They are going to work on the bottle feeds and the oxygen till then.
Hopefully by then they can give her some oral meds
and send her home to be with us.

AudraBar.jpg - 4901 Bytes

November 15th

Well, the swelling in her legs is gone.
The meds are working.
The local hospital can't take Audra with the meds she is on.
It is a very powerful antibiotic.
Becky has taken the CPR class.
She has taken the baby well class.
She has taken out the feeding tube and put it back in.
She has checked to make sure it was put in right.
She has fed her with the feeding tube.
We have both tried with the bottle.
She doesn't want to suck on it.
Only hold it in her mouth.
Ocupational therapy is working with her for that.
It may take a while for her to learn it.
Becky went in yesterday to see Audra.
She was told that Audra could not come home
till the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Plain and simple our van will not make it
with that long of a trip for that long.
Buddy missed a week of work
due to the accident and neck and back injuries.
We have no choice but,
to start a fund for the van to get fixed.
We have found parts... They are all used.
From a junk yard.
The total for all the parts we need is $250.
That will get the cracked windshield replaced.
It is cracked all the way through.
The parts this would cover is
the windshield, the fender,
The whole light casing,
The lights with it.
and the tires which have worn out...
This trip takes us 3 hours a day.
Because of the missing of work
and the 5 weeks we were without any money
at the beginning of Audra's birth,
Because we lost our job and place to live
right before her birth due to lies.
And Buddy lost his job when Becky went into the hospital.

AudraBar.jpg - 4901 Bytes

November 22nd

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.
We are thankful for all the friends
and family that have helped us out.
We now have all the parts for fixing the van
except for the sealer for the windshield.
We are truly grateful to all that have helped us.
We never knew having family could be so nice
You will never know how much this means to us.
We have no family close.
Thank you for all your support.
We are truly thankful
that our little angel is getting better.
We are thankful that she is doing good on the oxygen.
We are saddened that she will
have to be in the hospital another week.
We will miss her greatly.
Buddy is working for Thanksgiving.
So, it will be just Becky and the boys for Thanksgiving.
Audra gets to come home the Thursday after Thanksgiving.
We are counting the days.
She is truly a miracle baby.

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December 1st

Here it is December 1st
and our little one is still in the hospital.
Tomorrow she gets to come home.
The charts and computer didn't match up on the dates of the meds so,
the full 30 days of meds is up tomorrow.
We will have to go for most of the day tomorrow.
She is coming home finally.
She will have to come home on oxygen
like a tube you and I would have if we went in the hospital.
She will have to come home with a feeding tube
because she is still not sucking the bottle.
Those are things that will take time to deal with.
We are getting stuff ready for her to come home.
Since it has been so cold
we haven't been able to change the windshield
in the van yet but, it is ready to be picked up.
We are getting excited and can't wait.
It has been a long haul.
We are definately ready.
She is now under Dr. Timan's care again and it is great.

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