Apron Shirts
We have a few different varieties right now. You can choose to have your whole back open or it can go around farther in the back. The strap is a halter strap.
Prices are as follows :
Simple Apron (2 colors only)      -      $12.00
Strip Apron                               -      $15.00
Patchy Apron                            -      $19.00
Please specify when ordering if you want the total open back or only partial.

These are hoodies that we purchase, and then we cut them up the sides and add patchwork into the sides. Next we pull the front pocket off and make a new one out of patches with a nice fleece lining. They come in Navy Blue, Khaki Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange, with any type of patches you want in them. Right now we don't have pictures, but they will be up soon. Specify when ordering what colors and fabrics you want for the patches.

Price - $25.00
Patchy Apron Shirt
Halter Straps
Total Open back Apron
Insert Hoodie
Strip Apron Shirt
Halter Straps
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