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Black Glass

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1. Long necked Flared lip Case Gin. $80.00.

This circa 1820's case gin is in attic condition retaining all of its original lustre. It stands 9" tall is 2 7/8" wide at base and 3" at the shoulder. The neck is 1 3/8" long. The flared lip is crudely laid on. The base has an 8 pointed star.


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2. Rickett's Mould Sealed Wine. $250.00.

Judging by the shape of this dark olive green, 3-piece mold bottle with its double collar tooled lip finish and the sand pontil I would say it dates from 1821 (Rickett's patent date) to 1840.  The approximately 1 3/4" diameter seal has boldly embossed "A. S" with "C. R" on the second line.  The letters stand for "All Souls Common Room", All Souls College, Oxford UK.  There are 20+ different sealed bottles that belonged to All Souls College between 1750 and about 1850.  This bottle retains its full gloss and shows very few signs of wear.  There is some minor internal haze that is hardly noticeable and I only mention for accuracy.




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1. For Pike's Peak / Eagle Quart. SOLD

A classic historical flask in good condition. It has internal stain which needs professional cleaning but there are no chips or cracks and only minor high point wear.



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