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My pages are about my interests and beliefs.  My Aquarian nature is reflected in numerous interests, but the main relates to the communication of a man and the Creator or Our Heavenly Father or the Absolute or Cosmic Consciousness (the choice is yours).  I believe that God communicated with men not only in the ancient past that was described in the holy books.  The communication of God and man may happen in any time.  I am interested in the facts of such communication, the knowledge and information that was granted.  It is closely related to prophecies.  The prophecies may be granted in dreams, visions or in any other form.  The information provided may be in the form of symbols that make it difficult to understand.  A man may not interfere in the course of events.  For this reason in most of the cases we may understand a prophecy only after the event has happened.
In the cold winter of 1992 I visioned an enormous golden wheel, rotating on the background of the starry sky.  It looked rather alike the left-side image of wheel.  Within the time passed after this dream I found out many meanings of this symbol, and their number is not limited, as there is no limit to the Universe.  I offer anyone to write me about your understanding of the Wheel symbol.
I live in Yerevan, Armenia.  You may see Mount Ararat from almost any place in Yerevan.   Mount Ararat dominates over the city.  This pic is not the best, but it is taken by me.  Mount Ararat has a special meaning for me.  It is not only the view I see every day from my window.  All my interests are interrelated.
The mountains were worshipped by the people from time immemorial.  This owe to mountains continues at present.  The mountains are extremely important.  The years of 2001-2002 were announced International Mountains Years.
In my searches in the Internet I met PROPHECY IN THE NEWS and article titled "Will Psalm 103 be Fulfilled in 2003 ?" at www.prophecyinthenews.com/articledetail.asp?Article_ID=94

The first seen comet will be Encke in November 2003. The second Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in June 2006. 
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