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Super Deformed ATH-14-WPC Snapping-Turtle mech from "Votoms"

What is Anime Model Addicts?

It's an enthusiastic modeling netclub for people who find they are near obessed with anime models, especially the mecha kits.

What are the requirements to join? None really except that you must have built at least one anime model kit.

Why one? That's how we all started.

If you've built one you will want to build another and another until you just can't stop... You've become an addict!

To join the AMA
email : amaclub@yahoo.com
Membership is FREE!!!

Last Update 22 January 2001
  • Site Updates: Look here for the latest updates to this site.

  • Model News: Latest information on upcoming kits. Finally got it uploaded! Woo Hoo! Check it out!

  • Roster: List of the AMA club members.   Now 161 members strong!

  • Message Board: Read and post messages. Commune with other mecha modelers!

  • Model Gallery: Model pictures emailed in by you, the mechaphiles! If you have pics that you want displayed here, email them in. Now featuring the work of 19 modelers!

  • Model WebGallery: This gallery showcases a few of a builders models, with a link to the webpage that they are mirrored from. If you want your mecha modeling page linked this way email me about it. Now featuring the work of 24 modelers!

  • Mecha Art & Design: Do you want to design your own mecha? Here's a links page to sites of artists who design and/or draw mecha. Some have tutorials, and all welcome questions.

  • Reviews: Reviews of models, tools and modeling books.

  • Trading Post: Find that out-of-production anime kit, modeling book, or that missing model part. Or put that kit collecting dust in your closet into the hands of someone who would love to build it!

  • Modeling Links: Links to other sites that focus on Anime and Mecha modeling.Updated 8/30/00

  • Mecha Reference Links: Links to sites that cover specific anime shows or series, with a bias towards those anime that feature mecha.

  • Online & Offline Anime Model Shops: Links to shops online, and information about shops offline, that sell anime and mecha models. Completely rebuilt.

Please E-mail me if there are any problems with the site or if
you have any suggestions or you have a page you want linked


  Featured Links:
  • Armorcast: Makers of the new resin 1/60 scale Battletech kits. So far the Madcat and Vulture have been released. Be sure to hop over to StarshipModeler.com to check out a detailed review of the Armorcast Madcat.

    Armorcast's Mad Cat OmnimechArmorcast's Vulture Omnimech

  • Fusion Models: Makers of the exquisite resin Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles mecha kits. So far a 1/35 Kodiak and 1/200 Syreen and Pathfinder Exo-Armors have been released, as well as detail and diorama addenda. Hop over to StarshipModeler.com to check out detailed reviews of the Fusion Models Kodiak Heavy Gear and the Syreen Exo-Armor, and there's even an interview with the sculpter responsible for these beautiful mecha kits.

    Fusion's Heavy Gear HACS-10HG KodiakFusion's Jovian Chronicles CEA-01 SyreenFusion's Jovian Chronicles EAL-04A Pathfinder Alpha


  Online Anime Resources:
  Related Usenet Newsgroups:
  • rec.arts.anime.models: The main spot for mecha and anime model discussion.

  • alt.sf.scale-models: Also a good newsgroup to check out. Mainly discussions about western sci-fi subjects, but anime/mecha messages do occur.

  • rec.models.scale: Everything to do with scale modeling in general, every modeling genre welcome. Great place to ask for modeling advice or help with construction techniques.

  • alt.binaries.models.scale: Newsgroup where people upload pictures (gif or jpeg) of models. Usually more mainstream subjects, but pics of mecha kits do appear occasionally.

  • rec.arts.anime.marketplace: Manga, Anime videos VHS/LD/DVD, fansubs, anime artbooks, anime and mecha models, anime modeling books, and lots more for sell or trade.

  • rec.games.mecha: The newsgroup dedicated to mecha-related RPGs. (Battletech; Heavy Gear; Jovian Chronicles; Mekton; Votoms...)




Anime Model Addicts is maintained by Ledon Cook, a truly wholesome, all-American weirdo, mecha-obsessed kinda guy. This site is best viewed at 800x600 resolution, on a system with Haettenschweiler and Arial fonts installed. All copyrights are retained by the authors. This site is not maintained for commercial gain, but rather to share info on, and enthusiasm for a hobby I find completely addictive, absorbing and exciting.


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