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Wow! 3 years since I've updated this. A lot's changed. Renee's done a few various roles over the past few years including the Sci-Fi Channel movie 'Alien Apocalypse' with Bruce Campbell. Very cheesy stuff but it was great to see Bruce and Renee together again. I'm still in denial about Renee and Steve's divorce; there's hardly any info about it. Not really fans' business though. She does have a second bundle of Joy, a girl (Iris Sura). Congrats to Renee! I updated the filmography. Hopefully I'll update again soon! Cheers!  
Added 3 pics of Our Goddess Renee in the Images section. These were taken at a 1997 convention.

Renee has landed a role in an indie film called "Diamonds and Guns". It's being filmed in Las Vegas.
According to ROC: "Movie is looking good, especially for filming on a DV. Very funny cast. Would you believe I play a lady who has food poisoning or is high on valium for most of the film? I think I am having more fun than anyone else." Cool!
Also this from
Creation's site:
**Renee has signed on for another feature film project set to begin shooting in September.  Titled Reality eXtreme, it's an improvisational mockumentary a la Best in Show about the behind-the-scenes antics of a reality dating show.**
Two projects for Renee. Things are definitely looking up.

Wow it's been a while since I updated this site. Unfortunately no news on Renee landing any roles.
Renee turned 32 on Feb. 15.
Hopefully, I'll be updating more pretty soon.

Ladyhawke Productions did a interview with Renee. Read it here.
Hopefully this means we'll be seeing her doing something soon.
Good interview.


I hope Renee and all her fans had a very merry Christmas. Here's to a much better New Year also.
Let's hope we see Renee land a big role in something this year, whether it's TV or film.

If you haven't seen Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, go check it out. It's great, even better than the first.

A stunning new publicity shot of Renee at the right. She's certainly shed her Gabrielle look. She loo
ks very beautiful. A copy of this photo is being auctioned on E-Bay.

You'll notice that I have a new banner. Hope you like it as much as I d

A belated Happy first birthday wish to Renee's son Miles 9/22. Best wishes to the whole fami

Added an interview with
UPBEAT MAGAZINE that Rene did last year. It's really good.

By the gods, She's beautiful!  Check out these new pics of ROC from

'Macbeth' on MaryD's site..

This weekend is the final performance of 'Macbeth'
Break a leg Rene

Updated acting credits on main page. I've heard some good reviews of ROC's performance in 'Macbeth'. Damn I wish I could go. Enjoy it those lucky enough to g

Added a few wallpapers to
the images page.  Also added scans of the FHM interview.
Also the pic at the right is of Rene's new look. She looks as beautiful as ever IMO. The pic was taken at the convention last month. Thanks
to  Creation for the photo.

Finally my condolences to Kevin (Ares) Smith's family for their loss.
Kevin was a great actor and we'll miss him.
Thanks K

TV interview with ROC, LL, TR, etc.


Rene gave birth to Miles William Muir on September 22. I wish Rene, Steve, and Miles much happiness.

Rene posted this on the Threadgill's Message Board in early August:

**Hello there everyone. I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you all for the support you have shown to us on "Xena". What a great contribution to charities and "voice for good" over the years. I think that is still what continues to amaze me most about the effect the show has had around the world, and it was because of all of you. I'm happily waiting for our first baby. Feeling better than ever. Maybe just a bit grumpy at times for lack of sleep, but that is the miracle of birth, I suppose. Anyway, I'm sure you haven't seen the last of me, and until then thanks again for helping to make "Xena" one of the most unforgettable shows on television.

Cheers, Rene*

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