Ninilchik photo album:

Click on the link below a thumbnail for any picture you wish to view. Full picture file sizes are listed after each link.

Ninilchik village, in summer (49K)

Ninilchik village, in winter (37K)

The Russian Orthodox Church of Ninilchik (65K)

1899 picture of Ninilchik residents (38K)

Ninilchik clam diggers (40K)

Grandma Churkin (Elizabeth Kvasnikoff Cooper Churkin) (29K)

fireweed, closeup (94K)

We plan to add more pictures to this album. If you have any Ninilchik pictures which you would like to see here, please send them to me. If you already have them scanned, email them to me as a Binary file attachment. Otherwise, get my mailing address by email and send them to me to be scanned for use on this page.

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