Ninilchik history time line:

1841 First buildings constructed in Ninilchik for settlers
1842 First settlers arrive at Ninilchik but leave before winter
1847 Grigorii and Mavra Kvasnikoff move family to Ninilchik
1851 Oskolkoff sons move with mother and stepfather to Ninilchik
1867 U.S. purchases Alaska from Russia
1896 Russian village school built
1901 Russian Orthodox church dedicated at current site on hill
1911 American teacher Alyce Anderson arrives, starts English school
1912 Mt. Katmai eruption brings thick layer of ash to Ninilchik
1925 first Ninilchik post office
1929 first airplane lands in Ninilchik
1949 Berman Packing Co. fish cannery begins local operation
1950 Sterling Highway completed through Ninilchik
1951 new Ninilchik School built at current site beside the highway
1959 Alaskan Statehood: local family fish traps abolished
1964 March 27 big Alaska earthquake shakes Ninilchik and other areas
1967 Sterling Highway paved through Ninilchik
1982 new post office built at current site on Kingsley Road
1990 major eruption of Mt. Redoubt brings ashes to Ninilchik
1995 Ninilchik High School girls basketball team wins State championship
1996 November: Elementary school fire
1997 Ninilchik High School girls basketball team wins their 2nd State championship

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