Ninilchik families

The family trees are only charted here for 4 or 5 generations, to maintain confidentiality on the Internet for living members of families. Some family names have not been in Ninilchik long enough so that a chart of their family trees would have at least two generations which are deceased, that is, so that currently living members would not appear on the charts. For these families, Jackinsky, Leman, Resoff, and Steik, again for confidentiality of the living, we will not post their family trees. Their ancestries, along with the start of their family name, however, can be viewed in the family trees from which they come. For the Jackinsky family, see under the Gregory Oskolkoff tree. For the Leman and Resoff families, see under the Cooper family tree. For the Steik family, see under the Crawford family tree. Remember that all of these old families of Ninilchik descend from Agrafena of Kodiak. You can go to another section of this home page to read more about Agrafena's Children.

Click on a following link to view a family tree.

View Agrafena's family tree.
View the Cooper family tree.
View the Crawford family tree.
View the Kelly family tree.
View the Kvasnikoff family tree.
View the Matson family tree.
View the Oskolkoff family tree.
View the Gerasim Oskolkoff family tree.
View the Gregory Oskolkoff family tree.

If you are one of Agrafena's Children and want more detailed information on your own ancestry or descendants, you may email (wayne-leman dot netzero dot com) your request to me and the information will be returned to you privately. If you are a relative and would like to download a Gedcom genealogical file email me for the download key.

UPDATE (April 2, 2008): The entire Agrafena's Children family tree is available for private (descendants only) access at this website:

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