Agrafena's Children
In this group of pages we present some of the story of Agrafena's Children, descendants of the first family (Grigorii Kvasnikoff and his wife, Mavra, daughter of Agrafena) to settle permanently in Ninilchik, Alaska, in 1847, 150 years ago. Some of this information comes from the book, Agrafena's Children: the Old Families of Ninilchik, Alaska, edited by myself, Wayne Leman, Copyright 1993, used here by permission. This book sold out quickly after its first printing, with a good deal of interest from our many relatives. We are now in the process of preparing the manuscript for a much larger second edition of the book. Again, it will be available to Agrafena's Children. We will not post anything here on this Web site which would be of a confidential nature, so that we who are Agrafena's Children might be able to maintain our privacy.

This Agrafena's Children section of my home page includes background information on the village of Ninilchik, as well as on Agrafena's Children themselves.

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