Pattianne's Paradise...Pattianne's Country Kitchen
"Patti's Anything Chocolate"


I've moved my websites to my own Domain at Yahoo Web Hosting...(no adds here!!lol)....Geocities closed on Monday October 26th 2009 where I had my sites before...You can reach all my webpages now just click on my banner's below...

However..if you do arrive back here it means there is no link to that page...Pattianne:)

NEW! "Pattianne's Christmas Recipes"

"Patti's Anything Chocolate" recipe Index page and my Chocolate recipes...

"Pattianne's Country Kitchen" recipe Index page and all my recipes...
also my "Christmas" recipe pages and "Chocolate" recipes too!!...."ENJOY"!!

"Pattianne's Paradise"

Pattianne's Paradise

  • New web address for my "Country Kitchen" Recipe Index page

  • New web web address for "Pattianne's Country Kitchen"

  • New web address for "Pattianne's Paradise"

  • New web address for "Patti's Anything "Chocolate"

  • New web address for "Pattianne's Christmas Recipes"

  • New web address for "Pattianne's Christmas Wonderland"

  • You can E-mail me here

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