Welcome to Jeff and Pam's official presence on the web. We are pleased that you have found your way here, and we hope that you will enjoy your visit. If you do not already know us, we have supplied some brief biographical information.

Jeff is a mild-mannered library assistant at a technical college located in the scenic wilderness of eastern Maine. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from Thomas College (also in Maine) with a A.S. in Paralegal Studies, and is currently completing his B.A. in Economics at the University of Maine at Orono. Jeff describes himself as "the quintessential electronics nerd," which largely explains the existence of this webpage.

Pam is employeed as the administrator of a state-of-the-art assisted living facility, also located in eastern Maine. When Pam is not at work she finds time to pursue some of her interests such as knitting, tole painting, and gardening.

 Jeff and Pam's list of notable quotables
One of our favorite past-times is collecting interesting and thought provoking quotes. We have gathered together a collection of our favorites to share with you on our website. Truly a "wealth of wisdom within an economy of words."

 Travels with the Devil
Click here to find out what everbody's favorite demon from the pit has been up to lately. This site is dedicated to chronicling the comic mis-adventures of a charming little handpuppet who has a knack for making people smile with his disarming grin and carefree nature.

 Jeff's Maine Mirco-Brew Extravaganza
Having trouble distinguishing your porter from your stout? Interested in mastering the ancient art of pouring the perfect "Black and Tan?" Curious about where to find the best local beer on tap in the great state of Maine? Well fear not, my friend, as I guide you through the magical wonderland of Maine made micro-brew beer.

 These are a few of our favorite things
Personal webpages are (for the most part) incredible excersises in self-absorbed, hedonistic behavior . . . so why should ours depart from tradition? This page is entirely composed of lists of our favorite things. Included is everything from our favorite books, movies, video games, music . . . you get the idea.

 Jeff's New Gibson Les Paul!
Every since I heard my first Allman Brothers record I have dreamed of recreating those thick, heavenly tones that are the unmistakable trademark sound of the Gibson Les Paul. Now, the wait is over. This page details my new Les Paul through a series of photographs and a link to the official Gibson USA website.

 The University of Maine
The state of Maine's premier research and graduate institution. A Land Grant University, established in 1862, UMaine offers nearly 160 academic programs of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The University features a diverse array of cultural and sporting activities, and is home of UMaine Black Bears hockey, the 1999 NCAA Division I hockey champions.

 The Official Website of the State of Maine
The official presence of "Vacation Land" on the web. This award winning website is a joy to visit. Aside from the asthetic beauty of the images presented, the site actually boasts great utility. You can purchase hunting and fishing licenses, renew your vehicle registration or professional license, choose a vanity plate . . . or even pay a traffic ticket.

 The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery
This website contains the definitive collection of Van Gogh's artwork. With digitized images of over 3,000 works of art from the artist -- spanning everything from his most famous oils to the personal artwork scrawled in the margins of his letters to his brother Theo. This site is not only a visual treat but also a fascinating exploration of the world through the eyes of a haunted genius.

This is a great hometown website for all those with a connection to Monmouth, Maine. There is a listing of "members" complete with email addresses and photos, a collection of pictures (old and new) of the town and its people, and a community board to keep track of current goings-ons. This site also provides easy links to other sites related to the town.

 The Smith Clan
This forum is maintained by Pam's brother, Steve. It contains various family postings, including jokes, cockatiel trivia, and the occasional embarrasing photograph :)

 The National Folk Festival
The National Folk Festival comprises three days (August 22-24, 2003) of great music, food, and celebration. Last year's festival was an absolute blast, with such diverse musical entertainment as zydeco, blues, and yes, even a scorching Tex-Mex polka band! If you missed the festival last year, make sure to clear your calendars for the next one. And the best part of it all? Admission to the Folk Festival is totally free!



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