Ace Motor Corporation
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Philadelphia, Penna.
Ace Mechanic
XP-4 75th Anniversary
The major purpose for creating this site is to preserve and promote the history and legacy of the Ace Motor Corporation and the Ace four cylinder motorcycle.

Additionally, I hope to be able to pull information out of the little nooks and crannies where people have been hiding Ace information and get it out into the open for everyone's use and benefit.

The only thing I want to get out of this venture, other than that stated above, is to try to find out new information about, and pictures of, my grandfather, Joe Stephan, who worked at the factory in the service department as a mechanic from 1921 to 1924.
Ace Factory in Philadelphia
DeLong Mystery Machine
Notable Notes
Ace Photo Gallery
Indian Photo Gallery
A young Joe Stephan on his 1922 Ace.
Harley Photo Gallery
Recently Discovered; High Resolution
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Antique Motorcycle Club of America
Dr. John Patt and his XP3 Sidecar Replica
Left: A slightly older Joe Stephan with Dr. John Patt. Joe is sitting on Doc's Ace XP4 replica. Taken during Summer 1991.

Right: Doc Patt with XP3 Sidecar replica he built.
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