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A Little About Me

Hello!  I am glad that you came to my site. I hope that you will have learned something new about HTML before you leave. So who is the author of this site? My name is Tim Rivera. I am 17 years old, and graduated from high school on June 6, 1998. I have lived in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, and I have been living in Puerto Rico since December of 1996.

My favorite hobby is computers. I spend virtually all of my free time on a computer either working on my Web pages or navigating through the Internet. I have learned a lot from the HTML Writers Guild mailing lists that I am subscribed to, and I like to help other subscribers learn by answering their questions when I am able to. I am also an Administrator at The Web Designer's Forum. I really enjoy working with HTML and helping others with their Web pages. That is why I have this site of HTML tutorials. That is also why I volunteered to be a GeoCities Community Leader.

Another one of my interests is NASCAR. Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver. Usually the only time I watch television is on Sunday afternoons. The CNET  television programs come on before the NASCAR races, and I like to find out what's going on in the computer and Internet world.


Find out more about me at my personal home page!


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