You have reached the web site for the 374th Radio Research Company (ASA) "Finder" Chapter of the National 4th Infantry Division Association.

This page is dedicated to all our brothers-in-arms who served with distinction in the 374th Radio Research Company

(known stateside as the 374th Army Security Agency Company).

Supporting the 4th Infantry Division (Callsign: Famous) in Vietnam, the 374th RRC (Callsign: Finder) had the dubious honor of running all over I, II and a little bit of III Corps area.

Most of the unit spent all of its time in the Central Highlands, however, one seven-man detachment (with 3rd Brigade) had over a year along the coastline and was part of Project Oregon and attached to the Americal Division.

NOTICE: Geocities is shutting down all websites sometime in 2009. To prepare for this, we've set up a duplicate website at http://noasainvietnam.angelfire.com which has all of the photos and documents, but doesn't have a sign-in page. We're working on it....

* * * * * On 29 August 2002, the Executive Board of the National 4th Infantry Division Association granted a unit chapter charter to the 374th Radio Research Company (ASA)("Finder"). The charter members of this new chapter are: Dennis Coyne, Tony Gage, Rob Gonzales, Tom Hyatt, Bob Jarvis, Mike MacDonald, Dan McGlynn, Constantine "Dean" Saffos, Tyce Simmons, David Snure, Dave "Wags" Wagner, Mahlon Williams and Steve Zawacki. More information regarding the chapter, how to join, reunion plans, private chat board and other stuff will be posted shortly. As far as any of us know, this is the first "RRC/ASA" chapter to be organized within a supported command's national association. We look forward to having all 374th alumni join this chapter and be a part of maintaining what is our unique history and comraderie. If interested, you can download the application. * * * * *

* * * * * The 2009 officers are the same as the last three year: our Chapter President is Ron Usiondek. Dennis Coyne is V.P.; Steve Zawacki is Secretary/Treasurer. It would be good if others would step forward for one of these positions for 2010 - these three have had their "titles" for an extended period. Anyone "volunteering" to be a chapter officer for 2010 (or earlier!), please e-mail Steve Zawacki. here.

* * * * The 374th Radio Research Company (ASA) "Finder" Chapter held its first-ever 374th alumni reunion in conjunction with National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association's National Reunion at Killeen, Texas from September 7-14 2003. Killeen is the gate town at Fort Hood which is the home of the 4th Infantry Division. Attendees were Steve Koonse, Mahlon Williams, Ron Usiondek, Mike Mongeon & Steve Zawacki. The next 4th Div reunion will be at Branson, MO - check www.4thinfantry.org for the details.* * * *

* * A "mini-reunion" occurred in the Washington, DC area this July 2003. Attendees were Irv Maurer, Tony Gage, Joel (Howie) Howard, Steve Cherry, Mike Frazee, Tom Hyatt, Arch Vavre and Max Detwiler. Photos can be found in the "The Alumni - As They Are Now" section.

* * * On 09 November 2002 we lost a brother - Roy Turcotte. Our condolences to Roy's family. * * * LT Newman, Mike Tajkowski, Rus Swisher, Roy Turcotte & Rick Smith

* * * On 30 December 2006 we lost another brother - Dave "Wags" Wagner. Our condolences to Wags' family. * * * Dave "Wags" Wagner & Bob Potts - Dave "Wags" Wagner

If you have any photos of former 374th RRC soldiers, please e-mail them to Steve Zawacki or Dennis Coyne at NoASAinVietnam@yahoo.com.


The Alumni I - As They Were Then --

Rich Angulo - Rich Angulo & Bob Maher - Phil Bernstein-shower 10/68 - Ron Bradstreet - Ron Hamilton and Mike MacDonanld - Ed Burns - Harold Butler (lousy job!) - Fred Butts - Jack Carroll - Carolton on Perimter Guard - Al Csiszar at the the Div. "pool" - Steve Cherry - Dennis Choate - Dennis Choate and Reeves at LZ Mile High - Bob Coriarty 1968 - Bob Coriarty, David Rodriguez and ?? - Dennis Coyne aloft LZ MaryLou - Dennis Coyne - at new TOC - Dennis Coyne & Robert Potts 10/68 - Dennis Coyne & Phil Bernstein - Dennis Coyne, Willie Farris & Bob Coriarty - Pat Dunne & Bronco 3/69 - Andy Evans - Tony Gage - Tony Gage, again - Bob Hamer - Joel "Howie" Howard - Tom Hyatt - Tom Hyatt & friends - Tom Hyatt, Willy Turner & Steve Cherry - Brian Lewis, Bob Jarvis (reading), Billy Kuhn, Ronald McPhail - Rick Nagle, Steve Cherry, Tom Hyatt - Bob Jarvis - Bob Jarvis, again - Barry "B.E>" Kitner - Steve Koonse - Isaac "Ike" Lewis - Randy Marler & monkey at FSB 5 - Randy Marler at FSB 5 - Mike McDonald at Kontum Bridge/Water Point 5/68 - Mike McDonald & Willie Farris at LZ MaryLou 6/68 - Ray Miller, ? Mitchell, Ron Usiondek - Vince Miller - LT Newman, Mike Tajkowski, Rus Swisher, Roy Turcotte & Rick Smith - Soren Olsen & Butch Jordan - Eliseo Pabon - Charlie Persons, Frank D'Silva & others - Charlie Persons - Charlie Persons, Keith Wagner & others - Bob Potts 1969 - David Rodriguez and Ike Lewis - Constantine "Dean" Saffos and David Rodriguez - Tyce Simmons - Martin Sullivan - Martin Sullivan & David Blowe in bunker - Martin Sullivan getting wet - Martin Sullivan, Michael McQuown, Warren Finch - Willie Turner & Bob Potts - Willy Turner, Mike Danko & Tom Hyatt - ? Tichnel - Ron Usiondek - shh TA Hard at work - Archie Vavra at Dak-To - Dave "Wags" Wagner & Ray Miller - Dave "Wags" Wagner - Dave "Wags" Wagner & Bob Potts - Al Waite - Al Waite, again - Steve Zawacki at LZ Bronco 1967 - Steve Zawacki at LZ Baldy (Tet '68) - Mike Jones 1968 - "Mouse", Randy Mahler, Michael Williams 1968-69 - Andrew Evans 1967 - Lt. Rudolph J. B. Eschbach III '67 Oasis - Steve Zawacki at Kontum 1968 - Steve Zawacki at LZ Mary Lou 1968

The Alumni - As They Are Now!

Steve Cherry & family - Dennis & Pat Coyne (2001) - Ross & Margaret Canning-Wedding day - Dennis Choate & Heather, daughter in back is Kristy, to the right - Amy - Pat & Delores Dunn 17 Nov. 2001 Wedding Day - AJ III, Linda & Tony Gage - Al Gilley - Ron Haerle - Ron Haerle and Steve Zawacki - Ron Haerle, Steve Zawacki, Tyce Simmons and Bob Jarvis - Tom Hyatt - Bob Jarvis - The McGlynn's - Dan, Kelly, Jane, Erin (2001) - Dan McGlynn "American Birkebeiner" - Tyce Simmons - Jon Teichmann - Ron Usiondek & Dennis Coyne 8/5/03 - Dave "Wags" Wagner - Steve Zawacki - Steve Zawacki & Dennis Coyne 8/21/02 Plant City FL - (Left to Right) Arch Vavre, Tony Gage, Joel (Howie) Howard, Steve Cherry, Mike Frazee & Tom Hyatt - At The Wall - (Kneeling LR) Irv Maurer, Tom Hyatt & Joel (Howie) Howard - (Back LR) Max Detwiler, Steve Cherry, Arch Vavre & Mike Frazee

The Alumni II - Do you remember their names? If you do, let me know by photo name/number--

#1 - ? Vaughn, ?? - #2 - #3 - #4 ?, Lou Johnson - #5 - #6 "Chubby" Cramer, Willy Turner, ? McDuffy - Lew ? (Dak To 1969) - #7 - #8 (Back Row - Dan McGlynn, Chapman?, Don Reigle, Charlie Mitchell, Harold Butler, Mike Jones; Front Row - Tom Brzozowski , Pat Dunne, Bob Potts, Dennis Choate, Jerry Poppe, Ray Miller) 1/69 - #9 ?? Rowe & Dan McGlynn - #10 Identified - #11 L to R Dean "Golden Greek" Saffos, Jim Cutler, Bob Coriarty (on sandbag), ? Trickie, Dennis Coyne, Phil Panuco - #12 Ron Bradstreet, JP Donnelly, ? Tuttle, LT ? Hanson - #13 Jeff (last name?) - #14 Kevin Sheehy, ??, ??, ??, Tyce Simmons, Tony Arcaro, ??, ??, ??, ?? - #15 ? Bynum, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Tyce Simmons, ??, ??, ??, ?? - #16 LT Johnson, Rich Kopecky, ???, Dave Snure - #17 Robert "Tater" Bowling,? Cocciani, ? King, Michael Stubbs (behind wheel), Robert Gosetti (outside jeep) - #18 ? Tuttle - #19 ? Martin, Walt Estes, Constantine George A."Dean, the Golden Greek" Saffos, Isaac "Ike" Lewis - #20 ? Blowe, ? Pulley, Martin Sullivan, ? Cooper - #21 ? Pulley, ? Lawrence, ? Blowe - #22 Jack Peppers, Tony ?, Swede ?, Shorty ? - #23 Sterling Nichols & ? Kessel - #24 ?? - #25 ?? - #26 Identified! - #27 Ron Hamilton, Eric Hanson, "Monk" Lewis, JP Donnelly, Ron Bradstreet, Bill Bowser - #28 ?? - #29 ?? - #30 ??

374th at Camp Enari --

374th's Orderly Room & Company Street 5/68 - Guys inspect 122 mm rocket damage at Signal Hill - More inspection - 122 mm rocket damage at Signal Hill - Donut Dollies at LZ Milehigh - 374th's Messhall - Barracks Area - Shower - Water Hauler - Enari Street Scene - Left Bank, aeriel view - Hoochmaids at 374th HQ - Vietnamese Help at 374th - Vietnamese Sandbagging Help - Dragon Mountain from "Huey" - Dragon Mountain - Another view of company area - Rainy Day - Explosion on Enari - Enari Helipad

374th at Camp Radcliffe --

Company Area from Hon Cong Mt. - Pat Dunn as Det 1 arrives An-Khe 4/69 - (Hon Cong Mt. behind him) - Company Street

Life at the Detachments --

LZ Bronco #1 - #2

LZ Oasis #1 Det 3 compound - Top the dog - Inside the hootch - The "Rock" - #2 Det 3 tents

LZ Mary Lou "Welcome" - View from Motor Pool side - Warning Sign - #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #6 Dennis Coyne, Willie Farris, Bob Coriarty (building the Ops bunker) - bunkered MRPZ & TTY positions

Dak To #1 Dennis Coyne at the bunker - #2 Jim Funk & Wags Wagner at Dak-Poko swim point - #3 ARVN repairing Dennis Coyne's M-3 Carbine - #4 The Attack of the Killer VC Bees (Pulley, Phil Berstein, Pat Dunn) - #5 Dan McGlynn - promotion at Dak To 12/68 - #6 Sunset at Det 1 1969 - #7 Bob Potts, Mitch, Al Csiszar, Ray Miller at Dak To Swim Point - #8 Convoy at Dak To 1969 - #9 Al Csiszar, Bob Potts, Dennis Choate - Dak To Swim Point - #10 Ray Miller - Dak To Swim Point - #11 Mitchell - Dak To Swim Point - #12 Mitchell & Ray - Dak To Swim Point - #12 Trucks wasing at swim point

FB McInerny #1 - #2 Pat Dunn lighting McInerny "shower" 3/69

Tuy Hoa #1

On 20 July 1971, the Presidential Unit Citation was awarded to Detachment 1, 374th Radio Research Company, as well as all other units OPCON to 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division during the period 03-21 November 1967. Our thanks go to Roy Turcotte for providing a copy of the General Order for this award.

On 24 October 1968, Col Joseph E. Fix, III, CO 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Divsion, commended Detachment 1, 374th Radio Research Company for its oustanding performance for the period April 25 - October 24, 1968. Dennis Coyne found a copy of the letter in his 201 file.

The following document pertaining "proper dress" at 4th Div Base Camp was provided by Dan McGlynn. Dress Code I'm sure you will find this interesting. Dan also has Christmas 1968 dinner menu which will be posted later. If you have interesting/unusual documents, please send for posting.

The following is General Creighton Abrams Christmas 1968 message to the troops (provided by Dan McGlynn)Gen. Abrams

The Christmas Card wreath for '68 (provided by Dan McGlynn)Wreath

Steve Zawacki went on the Vietnam Tour (November 13-23, 2001) endorsed by the 4IDA. Steve and his daughter visited Pleiku, LZ Oasis, Kontum, Dak To, Ben Het, An Khe, Saigon (HCMC), Cu Chi, Qui Nhon and Nha Trang. To view the photos of this trip, click here.

Dennis Coyne went to Vietnam Feruary 25 - March 15, 2003. Dennis and his friend Paul Davis (Marine Corps; - wounded 1966 south of Danang) visited Hanoi, Cat Ba Island, Haiphong, Halong Bay, Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Pleiku, Kontum, Dak To, An Khe, Saigon (HCMC), Qui Nhon and Nha Trang. To view the photos of this trip, click here.

In memorium of Robert J. Potts - KIA February 21, 1971 (404th RR Det) in Binh Dinh Provence - Bob was a memember of the 374th Det. 1 on his first tour in 1968-69. He was a dedicated soldier, great friend to all who knew him, and a man of excellent character. His death brought sadness to his family and to all who knew him. We remember him and all the soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines on the Vietnam Wall who were killed in service to their country. Here a few pictures that we have of Bob from the 374th soldiers - #1 Bob-1969 at Dak To - #2 "Wags" Wagner & Bob at Dak-To - #3 D. Coyne & Bob (Dak To) 10/68 - #4 Bob & Det 1 troopers prior to leaving Dak To 1/69 to meet the NVA @ Polei Kleng

The 374th's successor unit is the 104th MI Battalion, located at Fort Hood, Texas. Information about the 104th (including the unit's history) can be found at this link.

Scenes from 374th's Area of Operations --

Combat Assault from Dak To '68 - Napalm near Dak To '69 - SF Base, Polei Kleng - Ambush on Rd. to Polei Kleng '69 - Polei Kleng morning fog 1969 - SF Base, Dak Pek '68 - Tan Canh - Fire Support Base 31, Dak Seang - Henson Army Airfield, Camp Enari - HAAF Enari - LZ Bronco - LZ Blackhawk - Kontum (grotto) '68 - Kontum (church) 5/68 - Montanard Village by Dak-Pek - Montanard Filling Sandbags at FSB Mary Lou 5/68 - Scout Dog at FSB Mary Lou 6/68 - Convoy Scene - Washday at Dak-To '69 - Montanard Village by Dak-To - Montagnard village - Laundry Girl at Tan-Tan (Oasis) - Polei-Krong pontoon bridge W. of Kontum '69 - Pleiku after Tet - Dak-Pek SF Camp 1 - Dak-Pek SF Camp 2 - Captured NVA Truck at Polei Kleng - Dak-To TOC - Det 1 construction - Dak-To Det 1 & Rocket Ridge - Downtown Pleiku - Downtown Pleiku #2 - Downtown Pleiku #3 - Pleiku Marketplace - SF B-24 Camp @ Kontum (C Schwiderski) - Airfield Scene - Downtown Nha Trang

Map Segments: Where 374th Alumni worked --

II Corps - Pleiku & Vicinity The following 11 maps were provided courtesy of Ray Smiths's 1st Bn 69th Armor web page - click here to visit. - Camp Enari - Camp Radcliffe - LZ Bronco - LZ Oasis - Dak To - Ban Me Thuot - Kontum - Catecka Tea Plantation - LZ English - Ben Het base camp - An Khe Pass

For everyone who ever relaxed at the 374th Club, here's one of the club cards, signed by Tyce Simmons (card courtesy of Steve Cherry). Side One - Side Two

One alumni suggested we add a "Remember When and Who" section to this site. We all have "incomplete" memories of instances, persons, et cetera that could be made complete with a little help from our friends. So, if you have one of these "incomplete memories, E-mail it to NoASAinVietnam@yahoo.com and it will be posted on this Remember When and Who Page.

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374th RRC's Lineage

Det 2's Saga

4th Inf Div Lineage

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The 4th Infantry Division Association (4IDA) has over two dozen chapters across the country, one of which is the 374th Radio Research Company (ASA) "Finder" Chapter. All 374th alumni are eligible to join this fine association. Please visit the 4IDA website and plan to attend any local 4IDA function. If you would like more information regarding the "Finder" chapter, please e-mail Steve Zawacki or Dennis Coyne at NoASAinVietnam@yahoo.com.

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