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What is physics?

  • The impact of physics on our society can be observed in our everyday lives. Most of our products, processes and services are associated with physics in one way or another. This science deals with the properties and the interactions of matter and energy. This site will address several concepts regarding the Physics of Cooking:

    How do microwaves cook food? What is the difference between convection ovens and normal ovens? What is Pyrex and how does it differ from other cookware?

    Shrimps!!! Yummy!! Cooking is based upon the three elements of thermodynamics:

    • conduction
    • convection
    • radiation

    From baking a cookie to making KD, this site will help you understand the fundamentals of heat transfer and their applications.

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  • Reading Frenzy:
  • How things Work
    The Physics of Everyday life
    -by Louis A. Bloomfield

  • From the National Geographic
    Everyday Science Explained
    -by Curt Suplee
  • a line of fire!!!

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