WHERE WE ARE. . . and why

Alberta, named after a daughter of Queen Victoria, goes from the plains on the east, through rolling hills, to the the Rocky Mountains on the west. On the east we shake hands with our neighbours in Saskatchewan and on the west with those in British Columbia.

In Southern Alberta, the territory of Al Azhar, we have Drumheller and the Badlands on the east, and Banff and Lake Louise on the west.

Red Deer, Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge are all major centres with Shrine units. With many other towns and communities having parades and other events there is usually more than one event on a given weekend where a Shrine unit can participate.

We love our country. As for our province, and our city, there is no place like it. Many of us have lived in other parts of the country: many of us have lived in other parts of the world.We are here by choice. This is where we want to be.

The Legion of Honor takes pride in holding high our country's colours and we join with you, our neighbours, in honoring your flag

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