The Return Of Skipper Fic
My Skipper Intro
Cherry Ripe
one of the first skipper stories i've ever read. i love the Krycek in this story.

alf a World Away
another oldie-but-goodie. for some reason
the end reminds me of a old genesis song.

orld Without End
long but so worth it. i followed this story sence book 2 and loved every bit. its a link just cause there are 3 books.

Wondering About Wanting

finaly! i got off my lazy butt and put this story up. sorry it took so long. 

Revelations about Wanting

the best new writer in skipperdom. when i get around to it, i'll give her a award.

Recommendations About Wanting

the other part of revelations.

Wrestling With the Devil

this is another classic, miss Arlington being one of the best skipper writers ever. if anybody can get a hold of her to tell her that some of her stories are here, that would be nice.

Trick or Treat
the sequel to wrestling with the devil. i only wish she would have written that 3rd part...

Going to Hell
this is still one of the coolist skipper stories to me. yes its short but think of it as a starting point for all you budding skipper writers out there.

this is just the best all the way up to the end, where i rip my hair out in frustration. no, it doesn't go MSR in the end just haft to read it to know what i'm talking about.

One Day, Some Day
oh man, this story make me so happy. skipper fic is not dead! yay!! and of corse the fact its a wonderful story is just icing on the cake. guess what? my first ever submission i didn't haft to beg for this one
::xf junkie gets teary eyed:: read it then beg her for a sequal.

Unpleasant Discoveries and Impossible Situations
a tasty little story from the wonderfun chick that brought you the wanting stories

a poem that is really up to interpration. but we all know who it is...

The Interrogation
nothing like sweet, sweet, UST. as much as as i love RST this story is just phenomenal. so grab a blueberry muffen and a strawberry milkshake and tuck in to this story

The Call
oooh! the sequal to the interrogatrion. just as good as the first and chock full of sugery goodness

icked Games
duh! stupid me left this gem out for so long.  this is the best WIP you will ever read. i love this story. when ever i have a skipper itch bad, i read this. if only krycek would offer me this deal...

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