Date Artist Tracks Notes
09.01.06 Rick Wakeman Catherine Of Aragon A shorter version than the album track
11.01.06 Julian Cope Zorowaster
Homeless Strangers
Performed with his band
17.01.06 Sing-Sing Unseen
I Do
I'll Be
19.01.06 The Eighteenth Day Of May The Highest Tree
Sir Casey Jones
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
23.01.06 Starsailor This Time
24.01.06 Robyn Hitchcock Adventure Rocketship
Cigarettes, Coffee & Booze
Underground Sun
Three members of The Minus Five made up Robyn's backing band
25.01.06 Richard Hawley Hotel Room
Darlin' Wait For Me
Just Like The Rain
Performed with his band
30.01.06 Belle And Sebastian The Blues Will Still Be Blue
To Be Myself Completely
Dress Up In You
Funny Little Frog
Mark performed handclaps on Funny Little Frog
07.02.06 Eliza Carthy Kisses Sweeter Than Wine The track featured Ben Ivitsky on guitar and backing vocals and had percussive accompaniment from Mark
08.02.06 Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins Rise Up With Fists!!
You Are What You Love
Melt Your Heart
The session was recorded and featured Jonathan Rice and Dave Scher as the backing band
14.02.06 Sparks Perfume
(Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country
Ron and Russell Mael performed the tracks with Tammy Glover on drums, Josh Klinghoffer on bass and Dean Menta and Steven McDonald on guitar
15.02.06 Isobel Campbell & Eugene Kelly Might Have Been
Love Hurts
The album version of Revolver features Mark Lanegan doing the male part, the tracks featured Isobel's backing band and were recorded several hours previous to transmission
21.02.06 Cara Dillon The Snows, They Melt The Soonest
Bold Jamie
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
22.02.06 The Dresden Dolls My Alcoholic Friends
Sex Changes
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
27.02.06 Sid Griffin Faithless Disciple Also discussed re-issues and rarities
28.02.06 Jim Noir Computer Song
Key Of C
Turbulent Weather
Performed with his backing band
06.03.06 The Pipettes Dirty Mind
We Are The Pipettes
Performed with backing from Monster Bobby of their backing band The Cassettes, Mark joined in with the hand claps on the last track
08.03.06 The Like June Gloom
Falling Away
Famous Blue Raincoat
15.03.06 Buzzcocks Flat-Pack Philosophy
Soul Survivor
Love You More
22.03.06 Rick Wakeman Help! Performed on the piano, track originally by the Beatles
23.03.06 Kate Rusby You Belong To Me
The Cobbler's Daughter
The Good Man
A last minute replacement for John Martyn, tracks performed with her backing band of John McCusker, Andy Cutting and Andy Stewart
28.03.06 Jason Lytle Disconnected
Go Progress Chrome
Former Grandaddy frontman, the studio version of 'The Animal World' was also played
29.03.06 Tina Dico One
Warm Sand
Room With A View
04.04.06 The Roaches One Season
No Shoes
The Train
Recorded earlier in the day
10.04.06 John Shuttleworth Two Margarines On The Go
Go Down On Your Knee To The Honey Bee
When I Go Shopping In The North...
12.04.06 Scott Matthews Earth To Calm
The studio version of a track from his album 'Passing Stranger' was also played
13.04.06 The Reverend Horton Heat Indigo Friends
In Your Wildest Dreams
The Jimbo Song
Performed with his band
17.04.06 The Zutons Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?
Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done)
25.04.06 Teddy Thompson
Bon Jovi Said
I Wish It Was Over
26.04.06 Richard Ashcroft Break The Night With Colour
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Music Is Power
Bitter Sweet Symphony originally by Richard's previous band The Verve
02.05.06 John Martyn Cooltide
Couldn't Love You More
My Creator
Originally scheduled for 23.03.06
03.05.06 Lou Rhodes Tremble
Save Me
Each Moment New
Performed with her band
10.05.06 Eliza Carthy A Plain Life Played on the fiddle
15.05.06 Howe Gelb Paradise Here Abouts
Robes Of Bible Black
The Ballad Of The Tucson Two
The tracks featured five members of the Voices Of Praise gospel choir plus a drummer (Andrew McCormack) and a slide guitarist (Fred Guignion)
23.05.06 Scritti Politti Snow In Sun
Robin Hood
Road To No Regret
Green Gartside was accompanied by his band
29.05.06 Embrace Target
Nature's Law
Russell Brand was presenting, the studio version of 'World At Your Feet' was also played
30.05.06 The Handsome Family After We Shot The Grizzly
Weightless Again
Tessler's Hotel Room
Tom Robinson was presenting
05.06.06 El Perro Del Mar Dog
Coming Down The Hill
Performed with a guitarist
08.06.06 The Divine Comedy Diva Lady
To Die A Virgin
A Lady Of A Certain Age
Neil Hannon performed the tracks with pianist Andrew Skeet
13.06.06 Mojave 3 Breaking The Ice
Running With Your Eyes Closed
Your Feet
The session was recorded previously. Tracks performed by: Neil Halstead (vocals and acoustic guitar), Alex 'Smudge' Smith (bass), Ian McCutcheon (drums), Peter Greenwood (electric guitar) and Alan Forrester (keyboards). Rachel Goswell (usually vocals and bass) was ill and so was not present
22.06.06 Roddy Woomble Every Line Of A Long Moment
I Came In From The Mountain
The show was live from Shetland, the tracks featured Allan Stewart on guitar, John McCusker on violin and Rod Jones on guitar, the studio version of 'The Secret Is My Silence' (featuring Karine Polwart) was also played
22.06.06 Jenna Reid Da Full Rigged Ship The show was live from Shetland, the track featured Julie Fowlis on tin whistle, John McCusker on violin, Eamonn Doorley on bouzouki and Ross Martin on guitar
22.06.06 Julie Fowlis Oganaich Uir A Rinn M’Fhagail
?/? (Two Gaelic tunes)
Lady Of The Inn Sleeps/The Bonnie Isle O'Whalsey
The show was live from Shetland, 'Oganaich Uir A Rinn M’Fhagail' featured John McCusker on violin, Eamonn Doorley on bouzouki and Ross Martin on guitar, the Gaelic segue featured the same band plus accompaniment from Jenna Reid as did 'Lady Of The Inn Sleeps/The Bonnie Isle O'Whalsey'
28.06.06 The Pipettes Pull Shapes
We Are The Pipettes
The tracks featured their backing band The Cassettes (Monster Bobby on guitar, Seb on keyboards, Robin of Loxley on drums and John on bass)
03.07.06 Seth Lakeman Lady Of The Sea
King And Country
Send Yourself Away
05.07.06 Aberfeldy Hypnotised
I Need You To Know
Do Whatever Turns You On
06.07.06 Bic Runga Winning Arrow
Say After Me
No Crying No More
10.07.06 Show Of Hands Country Life
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
13.07.06 Cortney Tidwell La La
Don't Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up
Drink Up
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
17.07.06 Joan As Policewoman Eternal Flame
Broken Ice
We Don't Own It
The show was presented by Tom Robinson, 'Eternal Flame' originally by The Bangles
18.07.06 Graham Coxon I Can't Look At Your Skin
Wined & Dined
This House
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
19.07.06 6 Day Riot Maybe
Take The Time
I Need You
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
25.07.06 McAlmont & Butler Oh What A Year
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
27.07.06 Chumbawamba Walking Into Battle With The Lord The show was presented by Tom Robinson, live on stage at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Boff and Jude performed the track
27.07.06 Nickel Creek When In Rome
Scotch And Chocolate
The show was presented by Tom Robinson, live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
27.07.06 Nizlopi Flooded Quarry The show was presented by Tom Robinson, live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
27.07.06 Lau Moorhen The show was presented by Tom Robinson, live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
31.07.06 Howling Bells The Bell Hit
Setting Sun
Broken Bones
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
01.08.06 Tunng Fair Doreen
Jenny Again
Because... We've Got Hair
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
02.08.06 Jeremy Walmsley Dirty Blue Jeans
I Believe In The Way You Move
I Promise
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
03.08.06 John Hegley I Wouldn't Say My Brother-In-Law's Fat
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
08.08.06 Findlay Brown Come Home
I'm Glad
Don't You Know I Love You
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
09.08.06 Imogen Heap Headlock
Just For Now
Speeding Cars
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
10.08.06 M.Craft Sweets
You Are The Music
Love Knows How To Fight
The show was presented by Tom Robinson
14.08.06 Karine Polwart Daisy
Hole in The Heart
Live from Edinburgh, performed with brother Steve
16.08.06 Luke Haines Off My Rocker At The High School Bop
Leeds United
Live from Edinburgh
17.08.06 John Hegley Edinburgh And Glasgow
Hats Of Luton
Live from Edinburgh
22.08.06 Thea Gilmore Contessa
Red, White And Black
Call Me Your Darling
Performed with her band of Jim Kirkpatrick on guitar, Roy Martin on drums and Nigel Stonier on bass
28.08.06 Liam Frost At First It Felt Like Darkness
The City Is At Standstill
Mourners Of St. Paul
Performed with Pete Marshall (from The Slowdown Family) on viola and mandolin
29.08.06 Babybird Old Skin
Divorce Song
Too Much
The tracks were performed by Stephen Jones (vocals), Luke Scott (guitar) and Simon (drums)
31.08.06 Camera Obscura Let's Get Out Of This Country
Come Back Margaret
I Love How You Love Me
The tracks were performed by Tracyanne Campbell (vocals), Carey Lander (piano), Kenny McKeeve (guitar), Gavin Dunbar (bass), Lee Thomson (drums), Nigel Baillie (bits and bobs) and Francis McDonald (tambourine). 'Let's Get Out Of This Country' featured a section of Paul Simon's 'You Can Call Me Al' added to the end. 'I Love How You Love Me' is from the David Essex film 'That'll Be The Day' and was originally performed by The Paris Sisters
13.09.06 Richard Hawley (Wading Through) The Waters Of My Time
Born Under A Bad Sign
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Performed with his band, 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry' is originally by Hank Williams, a brief segment of 'Baby, You're My Light' was also performed
21.09.06 The Handsome Family All The Time In Airports
Tesla's Hotel Room
After We Shot The Grizzly
The tracks were performed by Brett Sparks (vocals) and Rennie Sparks (bass) with Steve (ukelele and mandolin)
26.09.06 Ooberman Crashing Elipticals
Too Many Memories
Shorley Wall
27.09.06 Cerys Matthews Morning Sunshine
Statue Of A Fool
Streets Of New York
The tracks were performed with her band
28.09.06 The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger
Whistle For The Choir
Vince The Loveable Star
03.10.06 Badly Drawn Boy Born In The UK
A Journey From A To B
04.10.06 Jawbone Get Rhythm
Saucey Sauce
Doney Holler
Get Rhythm originally performed by Johnny Cash
19.10.06 The Last Town Chorus Understanding
Modern Love
Wire Waltz
23.10.06 Nerina Pallot Everyone's Gone To War
The show was presented by Claudia Winkleman
24.10.06 Seth Lakeman Lady Of The Sea
Send Yourself Away
The show was presented by Claudia Winkleman
26.10.06 The Storys Roll Like A Stone
I Believe In Love
The show was presented by Claudia Winkleman
02.11.06 Howling Bells The Night Is Young
Setting Sun
06.11.06 Cortney Tidwell La La
New Commitment
Missing Link
Our Time
Performed with her band
07.11.06 Guillemots Annie Let's Not Wait
We're Here
Trains To Brazil
Full band performance with several extra guests, the band also performed the opening jingle to the show
08.11.06 King Creosote Fly By The Seat Of My Pants
You Are Could I?
At The Wall
13.11.06 Julian Cope The studio versions of 'Up-Wards At 45' and 'Where Do We Take U?' were also played
21.11.06 Jon Redfern Can't Take The Heat
Demons Part 2
I Love The Sun
23.11.06 Bert Jansch High Days
It Don't Bother Me
Old Triangle
27.11.06 John Power Give It To Me
Good Morning
Now That You've Gone
04.12.06 Little Barrie Love You
Pretty Pictures
Green Eyed Fool
13.12.06 Scott Matthews
20.12.06 The Hot Puppies Green Eyeliner
How Come You Don't Hold Me No More
The show was presented by Stuart Maconie
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