Taku was born on September 9, 1993. His mother is Katina and his father is Tillikum. Trainers describe Taku as very gentle and calm-tempered. He is used in a lot of the shows for water work. Taku is not a very curious whale. He will not come up to the glass to look at and interact with people at all like some of the other whales do. He also has a bad habit of biting the concrete walls of his tank, and because of this his teeth are all worn down, as shown in the above picture. Taku is nearing sexual maturity and his dorsal fin has flopped at a right degree angle, and will bend over even more so as time progresses. His flukes are also curling under, and his pecs are growing large. Pretty soon he'll end up looking like Tillikum! Taku spends alot of his time with the other males at SeaWorld Orlando, and is not dominant. In shows, Taku does a lot of work with Katina-he gets along well with her because he is her son, and also because he poses no threat to her dominance. Taku is 17 feet long and weighs in at 5,500 lbs.
Katina and Taku
Taku (left) and Katina
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