Takara was born on July 9, 1991. Her mother is Kasatka and her father was Kotar (now deceased). Both of Takara's parents were captured from the Atlantic Ocean, so she is a fully bred Atlantic killer whale. Takara lived her entire life at SeaWorld San Diego until late April 2004, when her and her only calf, Kohana, were moved to SeaWorld Florida.  This is the first time Takara has ever been away from her mother. She will also have to adjust to Katina, the dominant killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando. She has been used to her mother Kasatka being the dominant whale at SeaWorld San Diego. Takara is described as being a big baby, and very precarious. She plays alot, and has quite a personality. Trainers were worried when she had Kohana in 2002, because she was such an immature whale. However, as soon as Takara had Kohana her personality changed into a more mature, loving mother. Takara measures 16.5 feet and weighs in at 4,600 lbs.

UPDATE: Takara is showing dominance at SWF. She is getting along better with Kalina and Katina, and Kohana is enjoying the company of the other youngsters- Skyla and Ikaika..
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