Taima was born on July 11, 1989. Her mother is Gudrun, who died February 26, 1996. Taima has had two calves, Tekoa and Sumar (both males). Because she attacked Tekoa when he was young and she mistreated both of her calves, Taima has been put on birth control to prevent her from rejecting another baby. Trainers no longer get into the water with Taima because her behavior is too unpredictable. She spends alot of time with Tillikum, and is always seperated from Tekoa because she harasses him. She is a highly dominant killer whale at Florida. Taima does not participate regularly in the shows. She is 18 feet long and weighs in at 5,400 lbs.
Taima as a calf with Gudrun at SWF
Left to Right: Katina, Taima, and Gudrun
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