Kalina was the first whale ever born and succesfully raised in captivity in the care of man. She was born September 26, 1985. Kalina has three freckles on the right side of her chin, visible in the above picture, which make her easily identifiable from other whales. Her dorsal fin is also flopped to her left. Kalina just had a calf on February 9, 2004- her first daughter. Her other calves are Tuar, Keet, and Keto. She was the first ever captive born mother. Kalina is 17.25 feet long and weighs in at 6,000 lbs. According to SeaWorld trainers, she is very motherly and gentle, and a great whale to do waterwork with. She performs daily in the shows. Kalina has a habit of chewing on the tank walls, and her calves pick this up as well.
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Kalina and Tuar
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