You're Sumar! You're very sweet, playful, and interactive with guests, and although you are somewhat young, you try your best on your tricks and give a good effort. Sadly, your mother was unable to care for you as a baby, and you had to be separated from her at a very young age. You never let it get to you, though. Keep on truckin'!

Which orca at Sea World San Diego are you?
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You are Junior! Your story is a sad, sad one. You lived at the infamous Marineland Ontario, where you were stored in a pitifully tiny warehouse, without fresh air or sunlight for the last FOUR YEARS of your life. And you often had to share that already eensy space with several dolphins. You reportedly went insane towards the end of your confinement. Not surprising, most would....

Which deceased captive orca are you?
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View 2 Seaworld music videos featuring our beloved Orlando killer whales and their trainers to the tunes of "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrandts and "Now I'm a Believer" by Smashmouth!!! These videos are awesome, and I'd like to  congratulate creator Kirsten Walhquist on a job well done!
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