Hey, my name's Lyndsay, I'm 19, and I live in Pennsylvania. Ever since my first trip to SeaWorld 14 years ago, I have been captivated by killer whales. I am an aspiring marine mammal trainer, and right now I am working on my associate's degree in communications. After that, I hope to get accepted into Moorpark College and obtain my degree in exotic animal training. In the mean time, I'm gaining hands on experience by volunteering at the Musuem of Natural Sciences in Philly. I work in the Live Animal Center caring for parrots, foxes, cerecals, possums, crows, hawks, kikajous, and coati mundis.
    I have three pets of my own to keep me busy as well. Two rats- Athena and Eris, and a cow. Yes, cow. Actually- calf. I rescued him from veal slaughter in November 2005 and he's been my babe ever since. His name is Benny and there's pics below of him.
    In 2002, I particpiated in Trainer for a Day at SWF. The whole day was a mazing, but as you might have guessed my favorite part was Shamu Stadium. I got some great pics with Katina, signaled some behaviors to Kalina, and had a rub down session with Tuar, who was still the baby at SWF then. I even helped out in one of the shows by signaling to Tillikum when it was time for him to soak everyone. The whole day was awesome. I'll try to get pics of it up here.
    My favorite whale experience ever was in August 2004. My mother and I took a trip to SeaWorld and we were talking to one of the whale trainers. I asked if Kalina and Skyla  would be in the observation pool so I could get a chance to see Kalina's new baby. The trainer told us the girls wouldn't be in that tank for the rest of the night. I was bummed, but felt a little better when I saw the calf with her mom in the night show. When the show was over, everyone started piling out of the stadium, but we stayed to watch the whales a bit longer. Before I knew it, we were the last two in the stands! To my sheer and utter surprise, the trainer we had been talking to earlier spotted us from backstage. He went over and opened the tank gate, and into the show tank swam none other than Kalina and Skyla!!! We stood there for about 20 minutes watching Sky nursing and playing around with her mom. When we were finished, we waved our thanks to the trainer and started to leave. As we exited the stadium the lights shut off behind us. That's when I realized- that trainer had actually kept everything on for us so that I could have a chance to see Skyla. I felt so honored and grateful... it was a very moving experience.
                                Oh, here are some pics of Benny:
This was on the ride home from the slaughter auction- he fit in my car!
Christmas time 2005 with a pair of antlers on his head- my lil reindeer  :)
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