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Highlights & Lowlights

Meet my family

...just a brief introduction, updated 10/24/99 (plus Archives)

"Maple Tree Inn"

this was an "e-business" group project, done for an MBA course completed in May 2001. There are some nice photos of our home ("The Montgomery House") uploaded 05/28/01

This Old House

restoration & renovation of "The Montgomery House" in Decatur IL 

Lefse Links

mail order, recipes & more about my favorite Norwegian treat


Feb '99

Kristin celebrate her 22nd birthday!
... February 12-14, 1999 (uploaded 03/09/99)


Kristin portrays "Barbie" at the Target store in Ames, Iowa
... September 1998 (uploaded 11/22/98)

Bradley Lee Wright

Kristin's high-school sweetheart died on his 22nd birthday
... June 28, 1998 (uploaded 07/12/98)

21st Birthday Page

a special gift from Dad

Page 1

past birthday photos

Page 2


3-D Photo Cube

...long load time, but worth it!

Hard Knock Life!

Kristin has always kept her room spotless!

21st Birthday Weekend Photos

February 15, 1998


Decatur, Illinois

More photos

added 12/12/97


Ryan as "Ellard"

...in "The Foreigner"... Stephen Decatur High School's Fall '98 play

Laser Sailor

...Ryan sails on Lake Decatur (late summer '98)

Redcoats Marching Band

...participates in Decatur's Labor Day parade 09/08/98

Prom '98

Ryan attended his first Stephen Decatur HS Prom in May 1998
...here's the "official" photo of Ryan with his date


added 12/12/97


Phoenix '98

By the time I get to Phoenix... our Christmas trip to Arizona

Grand Canyon '98

While in Phoenix for the Christmas holidays we took a daytrip to see the Grand Canyon.

German Flag

Hagen Meyer, a 16-yr old German student from Seevetal (Decatur's Sister City) was our guest for 3 weeks. These pages are a synopis of his visit with us.

Family photos

added 12/22/97

70 Years Young!

Joe Hutchison's 70th birthday... April 12, 1998 

Grandpa Holter's Page

in honor of his 88th birthday (March 10, 1998)

Grandma's 91st Birthday


The Litt Farm

photos from our Easter '98 visit to Lancaster OH

Mushroom Hunters

in search of the elusive morel... April 11, 1998 

The Litt Cousins

photos from their July 1997 visit to Decatur IL


Chicago Bulls Logo

Terry goes to a Chicago Bulls' playoff game (April 26, 1998)

The Kimmels

Go Packers! (November '97)


Mexico's Flag Mexico

photos from our December '96 trip

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