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Hi, Glad you stopped by. As you can see I Like my 4X4's, and I also like Hunting, Fishing, and Playing on this computer.

Take a look at my other pages while your here. You'll find links to My GMC Step Side, My Bronco, My Jeep, Automotive and 4X4 Parts and Accessories Links, Gun & Ammunition Links, and information on Porting 460 heads.

This is My Baby.  I've finally got it pretty much restored.  check out my GMC page to see more pic's of what I went through to restore it.

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Check out my other pages.

Just click on what you want on the tire.


Want to read about a Miracle?  Jesus Saved my Life literally.


Like a little Humor?  Check out Bronco Story.


This is for the Hunters dropping by my site.  I found it funny.

Notes from a Tree Stand



About me.


Dana 44 Rebuild

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78 Chevy Blazer K Series

90 Ford F150 Lariat Extended Cab


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