Jerry and I have been married just a few years we both came from divorce's, and have children from our previous marriages and we had one child together she's 11 years old now, So if you count his, mine, and ours we have six children all together. We also have 7 grandchildren, Durrell, Rowdi, Taylor, Kendal, Codi, Daisy,and Luke.

My hobbies are sewing,crocheting, making quilts ,I love all kinds of arts and craft. My new interest is the computer Jerry introduced me to it when we got married.

My husband works in the wastewater treatment field, Jerry's plant superintendent he's been there for about 36 years now. People have called him for answers in this field from all over the world, places like Scottland, Canada, Mexico and many others, not to mention every state in the USA. when it comes to wastewater, Jerry really knows his stuff.

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