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Poor is a state of mind you never grow out of,
but being broke is just a temporary condition.
-Dick Gregory

A pessimist is a man who looks both ways
before crossing a one-way street.

One Centerville, Ohio, employee goes to
the gold course everyday and even gets
to sleep on the job, But when Gander finally
gets down to business, the feathers really fly.
Gander is a year-old Labrador retriever that
the city brought in to chase geese away from
the Yankee Trace Golf Course.
"For her, it's more play," said course
superintendent John Miller. "I don't kow if
she realizes what she's doing, but she's
doing a great job for us."
Before Gander arrived, golfers often had
to skirt goose droppings on cart paths and
put up with gaggles parading across the course.
Early every morning, Gander gets to ride to
work in a golf cart. "Golfers can ride up in a car,
and the geese won't leave," course assistant
Terry Taylor said. "But if they see Gander coming-
she's chased them so many times-they just take off."
Gander makes another partol in the evening.
Between chases, she sleeps in the clubhouse office.
_Have a Good Day

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