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My name is Barbara, better known as ~Fern Gully~ on the net. To find out more about me, click on my link...*S*

I'd like you to meet my family...

My Husband's name is Eric AKA/Voltage Spike, to find out more about him, click on his link...*S*

My Daughter's name is Chelsea, to find out more about her, click on her link...*S*

My Son's name is Gavin, to find out more about him, click on his link...*S*

I had an idea for my site...I wanted it to be a FAMILY FUN PLACE. Having two small children myself, I wanted them to have a place to go on the internet, where they could have fun, play games, and really enjoy themselves. I hope that if you have children, they have as much fun as mine do here. Click on the links below and enjoy.

Fern Gully's page
Fern Gully

Chelsea's page
Gavin's page
Voltage Spike's page
Voltage Spike

Chantessy's Page of Fun
Fun things to do

Coloring Book
Coloring Book

Click on the links below for our family photos.

Fern&Voltage's page
Fern Gully&Voltage Spike

Chelsea&Gavin's page

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~Fern Gully~

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