Welcome, weary traveler, to the Shee ah Rea.
You have stumbled into a truly magickal place.
Those who have never seen the Shee ah Rea will
tell you it doesn't exist. I know better. I,
the Emerald Cat, have lived here. My friends, too.
Many of us still are here.

Dana, the Faery queen, looks intoDana, the faery
her magickal bag and says "You are the
person to enter the Shee ah Rea.

The Shee ah Rea was last updated on November 3, 1998.

If you walk into the forest of the Shee ah Rea
you will see many paths leading off into many
different directions. Which one will you choose?

If this is your first visit to the Shee ah Rea
and you would like to know where the different
paths lead, click here.

The Beginning Roc's Hut
UPDATED! 11/3/98
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