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Hi I'm Sarah (a.k.a- AngelSarah)this is my small page on the net.It's not a very good page but I like it anyway. I am 12 years old and this page has been closed for about a year. I'll admit it I kind of forgot about it. During that time I created (or am in the midst of creating it)"Gotta Love Love" a page on my idal Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am also creating "Sunset Stables" a virtual horse stable. Sunset Stables is for an internet game I'm playing where you trade, buy, sell, breed & compete virtual horses which you create. I'm working on putting moveing pictures and games on to this page so look for those in the future. I have also been working on "Virtu-pets" a place where you can adopt internet animals I got bored with "Virtu-Pets" and kind of quit working on it if anyone wants to join me in "Virtu-Pets" or take over feel free to e-mail me at:
Hi Maia sign my guestbook at the bottum see ya bye, -sarah
My page all about the greatest actrice, Jennifer Love Hewitt!
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